Jacob Sanchez

The entire community of Devine, TX, is in mourning over the loss of Coach Jacob Sanchez, a beloved symbol of the town. At only 35 years old, the news that this extraordinary young man has passed away is tragic. On Thursday, January 5, 2023, Bigfoot lost an amazing member of their community. The Devine Youth Sports team remembers Coach Sanchez fondly for crafting incredible memories that will last a lifetime in every heart he touches.

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Who was Jacob Sanchez?

Jacob was always willing to help a friend in need. He was a kind and caring man who always went out of his way to help others. Jacob worked with children and made an effort to engage with every student at Devine Middle School. He never refused to lend a hand when asked and was always willing to help out with extracurricular activities such as dances, field excursions, and other events.

Jacob Sanchez

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of someone who touched our lives deeply. He was a person who sacrificed so much for the children of Devine Middle School, going to any lengths in order to make sure that their smiles were never extinguished. Though we feel the emptiness his departure has left in our hearts, we must remember him fondly due to all the joy he expertly delivered and spread throughout the school. His humility and greatness made it clear that no effort or kindness went unnoticed—something that will forever be ingrained in our memories. He may have left us now, but his spirit and impact will never wither away; they will continue to be celebrated and remembered always.

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How did Jacob Sanchez die?

Jacob Sanchez was much more than a favorite coach at Devine Middle School; his easygoing personality and caring nature had made him an inspirational leader to all of the students who worked with him. Tragically, Sanchez collapsed at the start of class on Thursday, and despite staff members performing CPR, he passed away due to a heart attack. On Friday, according to the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office report, he died of a heart attack. Truly, his passing has been deeply felt by all of those he interacted with during his short career at Devine Middle School.

Jacob Sanchez Cause of death

It was a tragic and heartbreaking loss for his family and friends. According to Bexar County medical examiner’s office reports, his cause of death was a heart attack. Jacob Sanchez was an incredible man who left a lasting impression on everyone he encountered. From the players he coached to the students he inspired, his legacy will be remembered. Born to Raul D. Sanchez and Maria Del Jesus Sanchez on November 23, 1987 in San Antonio, Texas. They are deeply grieving the loss of a beloved son. His presence at DYS games cheering passionately for athletes striving to reach greatness will be sadly missed.

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Jacob Sanchez Funeral Arrangement

The family of Jacob is inviting everyone to join them in celebrating his life through a visitation and a celebration of life. Friends and well-wishers are requested to wear sports jerseys or bright colors that were Jacob’s favorite teams. The visitation will be held on Thursday, January 12, 2023, from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Primrose Funeral Services, 303 W. College Ave., Devine, Texas The Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, January 13, at First Baptist Church of Devine, 308 W. Hondo Ave., Devine, Texas. After the celebration of life, there will be an interment at the Longview cemetery in Bigfoot, Texas. We thank you in advance as we come together to remember Jacob’s memory, which was filled with love and joy for sports.

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