Ashari Hughes

One of the most tragic occurrences in recent memory was the sudden and unexpected passing of 16-year-old Ashari Hughes. On January 5, 2023, while playing flag football during her school’s game against Valley High School, Ashari passed away. It is vital to be aware of the importance of student athletes taking preventative steps to ensure their health and safety when participating in sports.

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Who was Ashari Hughes?

Ashari Hughes was a popular and talented sixteen-year-old high school student from the South Las Vegas Valley. She was well known by her friends and classmates for her genuine enthusiasm, passion and unwavering spirit. Ashari enjoyed playing flag football in her free time, seeing it as an opportunity to connect with her peers and stay active at the same time. She had a remarkable ability to stay humble while achieving excellence in all aspects of life; perhaps it was this quality that earned Ashari the admiration of so many people that knew her. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2023, leaving behind nothing but happy memories for those who were lucky enough to know her.

Ashari Hughes

How did Ashari Hughes Die?

The South Las Vegas Valley High School community is mourning the sudden and tragic death of their beloved student and peer, Ashari Hughes. At only 16-year-old, Ashari Hughes had already shown signs of great success and skill in her studies and sport endeavors before unexpectedly passing away while playing flag football last Thursday night. Her principal described her as a “talented and bright” young lady; her loss is felt all throughout South Las Vegas Valley as news of her passing spread though the school community with shock, sadness, and a deep loss. Ashari will be remembered for years to come as an amazing person that was taken from us far too soon.

Desert Oasis High School was shocked by tragedy when the news came that Ashari Hughes, one of their students, had passed away during an athletic event. In a letter to her parents, Principal Ian Salzman detailed what had occurred, writing of how staff had done all they could to save Ashari until paramedics arrived, but alas she was unable to be revived. Salzman’s heart must have ached as he wrote, sharing such a heartbreaking situation with her parents and informing them that the school and District mourned their daughter’s loss. It is never easy to hear of the passing of a young life and in times like these, our thoughts are with Ashari’s family in this difficult time.

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Ashari Hughes Cause of Death?

Tragic news of Ashari’s death was confirmed, and since then people have been asking about what happened, how did it happen and what was the final cause of her death. According to the sources available, Ashari experienced a chest problem during the game and went to take some rest on the sidelines. Unfortunately, during that time she collapsed and doctors were not able to save her. The actual reason behind her death is still unknown as Clark County Police are still working to get more information regarding this incident. In addition, a family member revealed that she had been undergoing heart related problems since some time now and was also getting treatments for them but the doctors had cleared her for sports. At such a young age, we can only hope that more details on this case come out soon so that closure is brought to the family.

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Ashari Hughes Obituray

The whole school community is mourning with heavy hearts the loss of our beloved Ashari Hughes, who was a beloved classmate and renowned for her excellence. She was well-known for her kind heart, bright spirit and incredible talent in academics, music, art and so much more. Everyone is deeply affected by her passing; her parents most of all. The family has not disclosed any details about the funeral or obituary yet but we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. All those that were lucky enough to know Ashari and to be blessed by her positive impact throughout their lives will truly miss her; she will never be forgotten and shall live on in the memories of everyone who knew her.

Tribute pour to Ashari Hughes

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