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The news of South African-based self-proclaimed “prophet” Jay Israel’s death has stunned the South African community. According to multiple sources, Jay Israel died on January 8th, 2022, and his passing was confirmed by South Africa-based journalist Solomon Izang Ashoms, who spoke with the late prophet’s sister. During this difficult time, the country mourns his loss deeply and extends condolences to his loved ones. Keep reading to know more about Jay Israel..

What happened to jay Israel?

Jay Israel, a Zimbabwean prophet based in South Africa, has allegedly passed away, leaving many fans of the self-proclaimed man of God in shock. The news came after rumours circulated on social media, and a message was put up on his social platforms to neither confirm nor deny the tragic news; however, details surrounding his eventual death still remain sketchy. Just days prior to the alleged passing away of Jay Israel, speculations had been rife that he was hospitalized after suffering from a stroke as a result of a drug overdose. The article Zimbabwean Prophet Jay Israel Dies in South Africa first appeared on iHarare News.

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Who was Jay Israel?

Jay Israel is an inspiring and influential pastor in South Africa and the founder of Spirit Life Mega Church. Born Jacob Dube, he started making a name for himself at the impressive age of 18 when he began a church in Harare, Zimbabwe. The charismatic leader saw it fit to expand his church further by launching a separate one in East London, South Africa, in 2016. Although his personal life has had its share of controversies including the alleged infidelity claims with Benene Bee which resulted in their split, it hasn’t deterred Jay Israel from continuing to build a meaningful career while currently in a relationship with Khanya Mankayzz.

Jay Israel Dead

Is Prophet Jay Israel dead?

Jay’s recent behavior had been raising some eyebrows, and it appears those concerns were warranted. Allegations have surfaced of Jay calling other pastors “fake” and threatening them with exposure. Among the prominent South African religious leaders reportedly threatened by Jay are Prophet TB Joshua, Prophet Jeremiah Fufueyin, Pastor Chris, Johnson Suleman, Adeboyem, and Oyedepo. Though official news has declared at this time, these reports have come from very reliable sources.

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Prophet Jay Israel Death News Rumours Reason

Jay’s threats against Pastor Makandiwa are concerning, and the blackmail is an even bigger cause for alarm. In addition to the menacing behavior, Jay has made more troubling claims in interviews, including saying he has slept with over 1000 slay queens, had a relationship with mermaids, and performed shadowy rituals involving animals and objects like pigeons, red towels, and a red horn in order to gain power, money, and respect. Whether these statements are true or false is unclear, but it is clear that Jay poses a significant threat to those around him. His behavior must be addressed immediately and decisively in order to protect both people and properties from his potentially violent plans.

Jay’s death has been confirmed by iharare News, and while reports of his blackmailing and threats have been extremely accurate, they are only one part of a larger, more complex story. There was a ritualistic element to Jay’s activities that many South Africans are familiar with; he openly spoke about it for some time and claimed that these processes led to success, wealth, and fame. Although his practices were seen as unorthodox by most people in the industry, there can be little contention over the fact that he had an undeniable influence on those around him and beyond.

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