Kawana Jenkins Video

We understand the importance of staying informed on current events, including issues within the criminal justice system. Recently, a leaked video featuring former Fulton County detention officer Kawana Jenkins has been making headlines due to the nature of her actions with inmates. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the incident and its aftermath.

What Happened to Kawana Jenkins?

Kawana Jenkins, a former detention officer in Fulton County, was caught on a fake cellphone during a routine shakedown performing sexually explicit actions with an inmate. The incident, which was captured on video, has raised concerns about the prevalence of illegal substances in jails, as well as the safety procedures in place for detention officials dealing with inmates.

The Charges Against Kawana Jenkins

Kawana Jenkins is facing a total of twelve charges, which include allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct, violation of the oath of office as a public servant, and mistreatment of prisoners. Jenkins was apprehended after being caught on camera twice within the last few months while using a stolen smartphone to converse with an inmate. After her identity was confirmed by the authorities in the footage, Jenkins was terminated from her position.

Kawana Jenkins Video

According to reports, she was caught on camera giving a prisoner a pair of Cartier sunglasses while sitting on his lap and licking and kissing his face. In another recording, Jenkins is purportedly seen licking and sucking the inmate’s finger. The incident has raised questions about the safety procedures in place for detention officials dealing with inmates.

Once Jenkins’ identity was confirmed in the footage, she was released. The sheriff of Fulton County, Pat Labat, expressed his dedication to accountability and transparency for all members of staff.

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