Michael Heath Farm Accident

Michael Heath, a legendary figure in the Jersey cow dairy farming community, has passed away on March 24, 2023. He was widely renowned and respected for his exceptional work with Jersey cows, and his legacy will continue to inspire and influence those in the industry for years to come. The news of his passing was shared by his sister, Susie Heath Poole, today.

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Who was Michael Heath?

Michael Heath was a renowned figure in the Jersey cow world, hailing from Westminster, Maryland. He attended Westminster High School and resided in the town throughout his life. Michael was a legendary figure in the dairy farming industry, known for his exceptional skills as a cowman, marketer, and promoter of the Jersey breed. He generously shared his vast knowledge with others, whether they were novices in the 4-H calf arena or seasoned veterans at Expos. Michael held various roles in the industry, but he will always be remembered as happiest when leading a prized Jersey cow. He made an enormous impact on the registered dairy cattle industry with his expertise in breeding, judging, and showing cattle at numerous local, state, national, and international exhibitions. The dairy farming community has lost a remarkable friend and leader in Michael Heath.

This photo captures Michael as he takes bids at the 2021 Triple-Hil Progeny Classic sale.

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Michael Heath Farm Accident: How it happened?

The passing of Michael Heath has left a void in the hearts of many. After several days of prayer for his recovery, Michael has passed away, and it is believed that he is now at rest. Prior to his death, he made a selfless decision to donate some of his organs to those in need. His family members have expressed their gratitude for his legacy of generosity, which has continued even after his passing. Michael was a victim of a farm accident in Maryland, which highlights the risks associated with farming. According to the National Safety Council, the farming industries ranks as the number dangerous. Michael was attempting to push a round bale when a board broke, causing him to fall and sustain a traumatic brain injury with seven fractures. Despite receiving treatment, he was unable to recover from his injuries. Michael was a beloved friend and true legend in the livestock and dairy industries. His expertise and passion for dairy farming have left a lasting impact on many individuals. His legacy of kindness and compassion will continue to inspire and benefit many for years to come.

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family members of Michael Heath will be releasing his obituary and details of his funeral arrangements. No further information is available at this time, and the family requests privacy during this difficult period.

Tributes to Michael Heath

Amanda Reahm Wrote,

Michael Heath once said that if you didn’t know my heifer should win this class you needed a job at 7-11. Later 17 year old me found him to ask what 7-11 was. Today 37 year old me hopes that my Carrie along with my many cows met him in heaven. I am praying for his family, friends and everyone who knew him. This one is pretty painful because I alongside many of you all prayed for a miracle for Mike. Though hope is frail it’s hard to kill so I had hope right to the end. Jesus gave Mike a miracle this morning alongside the organ recipients he saved. ❤

Daniel Olson Wrote,

I didn’t know Michael Heath as well as most of you but I was always impressed by how gracious he was to someone who was as new the genetic industry as I was. I didn’t have to be around him very long before I realized he was someone I could trust fully. His excitement for good cows (no matter the breed) was contagious. He once talking me into bidding 50k on a jersey (I still came up short) and I’m not even a jersey guy 🙂 . Feeling an immense sense of loss today. Praying for those who loved him.

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