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It is with deep sadness to report that Brayden Nelson, a junior student at Fergus Falls High School, has passed away from suicide. The news of Brayden’s sudden death has left the school community, family, and friends in grief and shock. The school authorities have requested that everyone keep Brayden’s family, friends, and the school community in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. It is essential to provide support and resources to the school community to help them cope with the loss of a young life.

How did Brayden Nelson die? What was his Cause of Death?

A tragic incident has occurred in the Fergus Falls High School in west-central Minnesota, where a junior student Brayden Nelson has died by suicide. The student, who was a popular athlete and played Baseball, Softball and Football, passed away from a self-inflicted injury. The news of the student’s death has left the Otter school community in shock and despair. The school authorities conveyed the sad news through their Facebook page, expressing their condolences to the family and friends of the student. The exact reason behind this devastating event has not been disclosed yet. The sudden loss of the student has left the school community, family, and friends in grief, and they will need support during this difficult time. It is essential to provide mental health support and counseling to students and staff to help them cope with this loss and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Fergus Falls Hockey Association Wrote,

Our Otter Hockey family is mourning the devastating loss of player Brayden Nelson. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brayden’s family, friends, teammates, and everyone who knew him.

As a tight-knit hockey community, let’s continue to lean on each other for strength as we navigate the minutes, weeks, and seasons ahead.

To honor Brayden and show his family and friends love and support, please leave a hockey stick outside of your door tonight.


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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Brayden Nelson, a junior student at Fergus Falls High School who passed away from an apparent suicide, has announced that the obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by them. The sudden loss of Brayden has left the school community, family, and friends devastated. The family has requested privacy during this difficult time, and more information about the funeral will be provided at a later date. The community and school authorities are offering support and condolences to the family during this challenging time.

Tributes to Brayden Nelson

Jessica Shaw-Aguilar Wrote,

It seems “not right” to go thru the motions of the things on our calendar today. Debating if you wake your child after a much needed night of sleep or let her sleep? Our hearts are with the Nelson family and each and every one of our children that loved Brayden, who started their day yesterday with a sense of innocence that they didn’t end their day with.

Holly Alber Wrote, 

As most of you know I lost my husband, Riston lost his dad last June to suicide. With the news of Brayden Nelson I’d like to share this group with any family and friends of Brayden’s. It definitely helped me out in the beginning because everyone in the group knows what we have been through. Death by suicide is so difficult and different with the why’s. If you can’t get in message me and I can invite you to the group if your interested. Please pass along to others that may also benefit from the group 🙏🏻💜😇

Autum Petterson Wrote,

Please keep the Nelson family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate the coming weeks ahead 🤍 Hug your high schoolers, and the ice arena families extra tight.

Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and colleagues of Brayden Nelson as they navigate this incredibly difficult time. We extend our sincere condolences and hope that they can find solace and resilience in their memories of him. We pray that Brayden Nelson may rest in eternal peace and that his loved ones find the courage and perseverance to cope with this tremendous loss.

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