Tijuana Dent And Larry Jacobs Died

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into a tragic incident that occurred on Sunday evening in Evans, Georgia, resulting in the loss of a 51-year-old man and a 49-year-old woman’s lives due to a domestic dispute turned fatal shooting.

Tijuana Dent And Larry Jacobs Died:

On Sunday afternoon, September 18, 2023, deputies responded to a distress call at an apartment situated in the Willow Lake area of Evans. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reported that the incident unfolded around 3:45 p.m. when officers received a report of a shooting at a residence located at 880 Willow Lake. Upon arrival, law enforcement personnel discovered two deceased individuals on the premises.

Maj. Steve Morris, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, provided details about the tragic incident. The woman, later identified as Tijuana Dent, was found near the apartment’s entrance, while the man, Larry Jacobs, was discovered in the dining area of the home. Local residents identified them as a couple. According to law enforcement authorities, Larry Jacobs allegedly shot and killed Tijuana Dent before turning the weapon on himself. Both individuals had sustained gunshot wounds to their heads, as confirmed by the investigating department.

In response to the incident, the immediate area surrounding the home was cordoned off, and a thorough investigation was initiated by law enforcement agencies. As of now, specific details leading to the domestic dispute and subsequent shooting have not been disclosed to the public, leaving many questions surrounding this tragic event unanswered.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Tijuana Dent has shared that they will announce her obituary and funeral details at a later time. Currently, they are going through a period of healing and grieving, and they need some time before they can make the arrangements public. When they feel emotionally prepared to do so, they will provide us with information regarding the funeral plans.

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