Kevin Osborne Shooting

The death of Kevin Osborne, 52, has been announced by his family. Kevin passed away following a shooting incident in San Antonio, which resulted in severe injuries that he was unable to recover from. The news of his untimely passing has been a shock to his family and friends, and the community mourns with them during this difficult time.

Kevin Osborne Shooting: How it happened

A tragic incident occurred on the west side of town, where a man named Kevin Osborne was fatally shot after going to a home in search of his wife. The police were notified of the shooting in progress and were dispatched to the 200 block of Pickford Avenue, where they found Osborne with a gunshot wound to his torso.

According to officials, an argument occurred between Osborne, a relative of his, and another man at the home he had approached. During the argument, one of the suspects fired a shot, which struck Osborne, resulting in critical injuries. He was immediately transported to the university hospital, but unfortunately, he later passed away due to his injuries.

Kevin Osborne Shooting

The two suspects were taken into custody and were being cooperative during questioning at Headquarters. The investigation into this incident is ongoing, and no further injuries have been reported. This tragic event has left the community in shock and mourning, and the loss of a loved one is immeasurable.

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Kevin Osborne has announced that they will release his obituary and funeral arrangements. The family is still grieving over the loss of their loved one and requests privacy during this difficult time. The family will provide further updates regarding the arrangements, allowing friends and loved ones to pay their respects and honor Kevin’s life.

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