Jarrod Jennings died

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jarrod Jennings, a co-founder and partner at Jennings & Medura, LLC. Mr. Jennings passed away on Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in the legal profession.

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Who was Jarrod Jennings?

Jarrod H. Jennings was a well-rounded and accomplished attorney who had a diverse range of experiences in the legal profession. He graduated from Gonzaga Law School in 1998, where he was actively involved in student government, the law review, and various speaking competitions. While at law school, he wrote an article on international trade that was published in the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University Journal of International Law and Practice.

After law school, Mr. Jennings worked for 16 years as an appellate and collaborative attorney, litigating cases in bankruptcy and family law. He joined Jennings & Medura, LLC in 2010, where he continued to provide legal services to his clients. Mr. Jennings was a sought-after speaker and frequently spoke at continuing education seminars offered by the Utah State Bar on the subtleties of bankruptcy and family law.

Mr. Jennings’ expertise in family law and bankruptcy is evidenced by the approval of his essay, “Bankruptcy and Family Law: A Brief Field Guide for the Family Law Attorney,” by the Journal of Law and Family Studies. In addition to his legal career, Mr. Jennings enjoyed spending time with his two children and pursuing his hobbies, such as playing tennis, racquetball, jazz and classical guitar, scuba diving, rock climbing, and vacationing.

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Jarrod Jennings died: What was his Cause of death?

Jarrod Jennings was a prominent figure in the legal community of Salt Lake City, Utah, and a co-founder and partner at Jennings & Medura, LLC. Unfortunately, on February 14th, 2023, he passed away. The news of his death was announced on social media by his friend and colleague Velvet Rodriguez-Poston on February 15th, 2023. Although the cause of his death has not been disclosed at the time of writing, his sudden passing has left his colleagues, friends, and family in deep shock and grief.

Jarrod Jennings

Jennings’ contributions to the legal profession, including his commitment to providing high-quality legal services to his clients, will be remembered by many. His legacy as a lawyer and his impact on the Salt Lake City community will live on. The legal community has lost a talented and dedicated professional, and he will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.

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Obituary and funeral Arrangements

At this time, the family of Jarrod Jennings has not released any details regarding his obituary or funeral arrangements. It is understandable that they need time to process their loss and make the necessary arrangements. As more information becomes available, it will likely be shared with those who knew and worked with Mr. Jennings. His friends, colleagues, and loved ones continue to mourn his passing and honor his legacy as a skilled attorney and devoted family man.

Tributes to Jarrod Jennings

John Cooper Wrote,

Thank you all. This is a profound loss. My own relationship with Jarrod was; complicated. I appreciate all of your support and my heart goes out to his family, especially his two sons, who are early-adult age. I am deeply sad they won’t get to discover what it is like to have a grown-up relationship with their father.

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