Al Roker

Al Roker is an undisputed household name. For decades, Al has entertained us with his infectious charm as the weatherman on The Today Show, captivated us by hosting game shows, and graced us with tales of adventure in his best-selling books. Al’s career has spanned across entertainment platforms in television, radio, and the media, making him a highly recognizable celebrity. And it’s no surprise that Al Roker’s net worth reflects Al’s dedication to his craft. How much he earns and what he is worth

Al Roker’s Net Worth 2023

Al Roker is the pride of the entertainment and media industries, a celebrated personality earning $70 million according to Celebrity Net Worth as of 2023. Al’s impressive fortune comes from his years working in television, writing books, and leading other successful business ventures. In 2018, Al sold his production company, Roker Media, to Hearst Corporation for a reported sum of $8 million—proof positive that Al Roker’s hard work pays off and his fans reap the benefits.

Early Life and Career

Al Roker

Al Roker is renowned for his work as the iconic weatherman of NBC’s The Today Show, but few people know about Al’s early interest in meteorology that was sparked at a young age. Al was born in Queens, New York on August 20, 1954 where he grew up with his bus driver father and homemaker mother. Being surrounded by airports, Al frequently watched planes take off and land from LaGuardia Airport, kindling his interest in the field of aviation and even of becoming a pilot one day. In the end however, Al Roker decided to pursue a career in broadcasting and went on to become a weather anchor at various TV stations until he found success as the weatherman on The Today Show in 1996.

NBC Nightly News, Saturday Night Live, and America’s Got Talent are just a few of the programs Roker has hosted throughout the years in addition to his duties on The Today Show. Several publications, including memoirs and cookbooks, have also been written by him.


Al Roker has come a long way since his days growing up in Queens, New York. This is something that millions of TV viewers have watched him do over the past few decades as one of the most recognizable faces on television today. From his more than two-decade stint on The Today Show to hosting various other projects, Al Roker’s net worth has grown considerably over time. In 2023, Celebrity Net Worth estimated its value to be an impressive $70 million. His impressive success and earning power speak volumes about his tremendous talent and abilities as a television personality. With such a large fortune at hand, Al Roker will no doubt be winning for years to come!

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