Woodrow Blagg die

Woodrow Marshall Blagg, a talented artist and a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA), has sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer. He was known for his unique style, strong will, and authenticity, and his death is a great loss to the art community.

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Who was Woodrow Blagg?

Woodrow Marshall Blagg was a Pennsylvania-born artist who spent many years of his life in Texas. He had a passion for drawing since he was a young child living in Seminole, Texas, and continued to refine his skill as an adult in Fort Worth. Blagg’s ability to capture images, ideas, and views on paper came effortlessly to him, and his artistic talents were further honed during his studies at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia. It was during his time at PAFA that Blagg’s skills in painting and sculpture developed, showcasing his versatility as an artist. As a person, Blagg was known for his intensity, focus, and insatiable curiosity about art, ideas, and people. His uncompromising attitude towards his craft made him a standout in the art world.

How did Woodrow Blagg die? What was his Cause of death?

Woodrow Marshall Blagg, a well-known Western artist from Wayne, Pennsylvania, has passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. The news was shared through social media on April 1st, 2023, by TCU Professor Mike Slattery.

Woody fought hard, but unfortunately, he lost his fight against cancer, leaving a huge void in the hearts of his loved ones. During this difficult time, our hearts go out to the family and friends of the departed, and we extend our deepest sympathies to them. Woody was a gifted artist who made significant contributions to the Western art world, and his work will be remembered for years to come. His legacy will continue to inspire future artists who want to capture the spirit of the American West.

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About Woodrow Blagg’s Drawing: The Rescue

On November 15th, 2021, the renowned Western artist Woodrow Blagg unveiled his stunning mixed-graphite drawing, “The Rescue,” at Brown-Lupton University Union. The hyper-realistic artwork, which measures an impressive 16 feet in size, portrays a group of students from TCU providing assistance to South African wildlife veterinarian Will Fowlds as he treats rhinos at the Amakhala Game Reserve. The commission for the piece came from Larry Brogdon, a TCU alumnus, who was deeply moved after encountering a rhino on a trip to South Africa. The artwork will remain on loan to TCU for an indefinite period of time. Blagg had traveled to South Africa with Mike Slattery, the head of TCU’s Institute for Environmental Studies, and a group of students to accurately capture the experience for an article. During his ten-day stay at Amakhala, he worked alongside the students on all the rhino operations, and he also spent some time alone with the rangers during rhino crashes. Woodrow Blagg’s impressive artwork beautifully captures the courage and compassion of these students, and it will serve as a lasting tribute to their heroic efforts in protecting wildlife.

Woodrow Blagg die

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Woodrow Blagg has announced that the details of his obituary and funeral arrangements will be released at a later time. As a renowned artist, Woodrow Blagg’s passing is a great loss to the art community, and his many admirers and supporters will undoubtedly be eager to pay their respects.

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Tributes to Woodrow Blagg

Nancy Lamb Wrote,

They Art world has traded an earthly star for a Heavenly star!! Woodrow Blagg you will be sorely missed!! Incredibly talented, intelligent, funny, and seriously brilliant in many ways! No one but maybe William F. Buckley Jr. had a larger vocabulary!!

We learned so much from you and have all been lucky to have known you for a whole life or even a moment!!! I am sure you’re on to more vast and wonderful things!!🌙⭐️🌈🌕💫

RIP Woody😢😭😭😭

Love to all of you!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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