Webson Juste Died

Webson Juste from Joliet, who was employed at the Illinois Department of Corrections, unfortunately passed away on Monday, August 14, 2023. This unexpected loss has left his family, friends, and coworkers deeply shocked and saddened.

Who Was Webson Juste?

Webson Juste was a remarkable individual known for his dedication and commitment who worked at the Illinois Department of Corrections. He pursued his education at Joliet Junior College and had previously attended Niles North High School. Residing in Joliet, Illinois, he hailed from Haiti, with roots extending to El Seibo in the Dominican Republic. One of his defining qualities was his deep reservoir of compassion and empathy, which endeared him to many. As a corrections officer, he recognized the inherent humanity in inmates, regardless of their circumstances. This understanding fueled his unwavering respect and empathy toward them. Juste’s unique ability to connect with inmates on a human level played a pivotal role in their rehabilitation journey and eventual reintegration into society upon release.

His compassionate nature also contributed to creating a more positive atmosphere within the prison environment. Operating within a correctional facility demands resilience due to the emotional and psychological challenges it presents. Nevertheless, Juste’s resilience and composed demeanor in the face of adversity reflected his strong character. His presence served as a beacon of support and kindness, both for those he worked alongside and those he was responsible for overseeing.

Webson Juste Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Webson Juste, a resident of Joliet, sadly passed away. His passing was confirmed on Monday, August 14, 2023, through a post on the Fraternal Order of Police Illinois Corrections Lodge 263’s Facebook page. The exact cause of his death remains unknown. Alexa Giada La Morte shared a heartfelt message on the Facebook post, saying,

Webson Juste this isn’t goodbye it’s see you later my brother. Definitely going to miss you. Literally was one of the most outgoing fun happy people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He was always laughing and in such a happy go-lucky mood. He was always checking on people & made time to reach out when he didn’t hear from you for a while. Thanks for the happy memories friend. RIP we definitely lost a good one. Keeping his family & close friends in my thoughts today.

– Wrote by Alexa Giada La Morte

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Webson Juste will release his obituary and provide details about the funeral arrangements in due course. The healing process for the family requires time, and when they feel ready, they will share the necessary updates. This period of respect for their grief and adjustment is an important part of moving forward.

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