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The Memphis Grizzlies recently announced that their superstar guard, Ja Morant, has been suspended from all activities pending a league review. This came after an apparent gun incident on his Instagram Live on Saturday, which caused an uproar on social media. This is not the first time that Morant has been involved in such controversy, as he has previously been suspended for similar actions.

Video of Ja Morant: Showing Guns on Instagram Live

Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant has been at the center of controversy after he was seen showing what appeared to be a gun on his friend’s Instagram Live. This comes after a similar incident two months ago where he showed a gun on his own Instagram Live. In the latest video, Morant and his friend can be seen making a gun sign with their hands before Morant seemingly flashes a gun. It is unclear where or when the video was taken. The incident has raised concerns and sparked discussions about the role of professional athletes as public figures and the responsibility they have to set an example for their fans.

Previous Incidents Involving Guns

In March of this year, Memphis Grizzlies’ player Ja Morant faced disciplinary action from his team and the NBA after hosting an Instagram Live from a nightclub where he showed a firearm to his followers. Morant was subsequently suspended from the team, and during his time away from the facility, a photo surfaced showing him surrounded by dancers and a large amount of money at the nightclub. Following the incident, Morant announced that he would be taking a break from basketball to address personal struggles. The NBA suspended him for eight games in response to his actions.

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Off-Court Incidents

There have been two major stories surrounding Ja Morant’s recent offseason that have been the subject of public discussion. The first incident was related to a basketball game in his hometown of Tennessee, where he allegedly punched a teenager and then displayed a gun visible in the waistband of his pants. This caused significant concern and controversy, especially given the high-profile nature of Morant’s position as an NBA star. Additionally, Morant and his friends were involved in a verbal altercation with Memphis police officers at a mall over a dispute with a security guard who wanted them to leave the parking lot. These incidents have garnered significant attention, raising questions about Morant’s behavior and potential consequences for his future career in the league.

Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Responsible for Covering up News

According to a report by journalists Gus Garcia-Roberts and Molly Hensley-Clancy in The Washington Post, internal records and interviews suggest that the Memphis Grizzlies and the National Basketball Association (NBA) may have worked together to hide some potentially significant news. The report suggests that both parties may have been complicit in suppressing this news, which could have far-reaching consequences. The authors’ claims are based on evidence obtained from sources with knowledge of the matter, highlighting a potential lack of transparency in the operations of the Grizzlies and the NBA.

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The recent incidents involving Ja Morant and guns have caused a lot of concern among fans and the league alike. It remains to be seen what the league’s review will reveal and what actions will be taken against Morant. Nevertheless, it is clear that Morant needs to address his off-court behavior to avoid further damage to his reputation and career.

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