Trevor Morrison Died

Trevor Morrison, who lived in Colville, Washington, passed away on Monday, July 31st, 2023. In the following article, we will delve into the life of Trevor Morrison, shedding light on who he was and the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Who was Trevor Morrison?

Trevor Morrison was a beloved person who lived in Colville, Washington. His parents were Kimo Morrison and Nikole Orcutt-Morrison. For about ten years, Trevor became a really amazing wrestler, one of the best in the whole state of Washington. He did incredible things, like winning the Individual State Championship three times in 2016, 2018, and 2019. He even almost won a fourth time in 2017, but ended up getting third place. He wrestled in four different weight classes. He did a great job in matches, pinning 63% of his opponents at The Mat Classic. He even pinned 5 of them in less than 2 minutes and 2 in less than 1 minute! In 2019, he was a really important part of Colville’s 1A team that won the state championship.

Trevor was not only a talented wrestler but also a really kind and caring person. He was nice to everyone he met. His parents loved spending time with him and he left behind wonderful memories. Even though he’s not here anymore, his memory will always be a special source of love and inspiration.

Trevor Morrison Died: What was His Cause of death?

Trevor was a remarkable and caring young man, known for his kindness. As of now, the exact cause of his passing remains unknown. A heartfelt message was shared by Nikole Orcutt-Morrison on their Facebook page, conveying the devastating news of their son’s, Trevor Morrison’s, passing that morning.

Is it with a very heavy heart we have to announce that we lost our son Trevor Morrison

this morning. As you can imagine we are all very devastated to say the least. Trevor was a kind, loving young man and our hearts are broken into a million pieces. We appreciate all of the love we are getting and will let everyone know when we set a date to have his service.

Please pray for our family, as we need as many as we can get as we try to maneuver through this pain and tragic loss. This pain is awful.

Please give your loved ones and kids a big hug today!

– Wrote by Nikole Orcutt-Morrison

Further updates will be provided once the necessary information is available.

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Karri Williams-Newman is leading the effort for this fundraiser. The purpose of this GoFundMe campaign is to provide financial support to The Morrison Family as they cope with the loss of their beloved Trevor, who was a son, brother, nephew, and friend. Currently, they have collected $6,775 USD out of their goal of $10,000. This initiative aims to help the family during this challenging period.

Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The funeral service for Trevor Morrison will take place on Monday, August 7th, at the AG Trade Center at 3:00 pm. We kindly invite all those who knew and cherished Trevor to join us in showing your support and affection. We request you to wear your COLVILLE INDIAN GEAR as a tribute. Trevor took immense pride in being a COLVILLE INDIAN STATE CHAMP, one of his proudest achievements. He held his school, teammates, and coaches dear to his heart. Our extended CHS family has created countless cherished memories, and we appreciate you all. Let’s carry on the TRIBE PRIDE FOREVER!

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