Top 10 Best Free Instagram Video Downloader

If you’re an Instagram fan, exploring popular downloaders will enrich your Instagram experience. Instagram Video Downloader tools empower us to save favorite clips and photos from the app directly onto our device. Options range from desktop-based apps to mobile optimised ones – giving users limitless control over content they want to keep and share.

Instagram is the reigning queen of social media platforms. Boasting millions of active users thanks to its Insta Reels feature, everyone seems to be sharing short and long videos like YouTube – in even shorter amounts of time. From putting somewhat entertaining snippets as status updates to personalize their accounts, having an online presence on Instagram has become a must-do. With a surfeit of interesting reels plus the quick production process, it’s not surprising that many people are hooked in creating their own content and engage with others on the platform.

Who doesn’t love to scroll through their Instagram feed and watch stunning visuals? We like many videos, but unfortunately, there’s no way to download them from the app. But don’t fret – with online tools like Instagram Video Downloader, you can save your fave clips and use ’em however you want – for your own IG profile, on FB Reels or YT Shorts!

Downloading videos from Instagram has become easier than ever with these useful and fast video downloader apps. Each provides strong features that let you quickly convert instagram videos into a file you can save and watch even without internet access.

You’ll be able to pick any converter from the list and instantly get your favorite clips from Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Video to Watch Anytime

If you’re looking for a reliable video downloader, look no further than! This terrific online tool provides an easy and straightforward way to save any Instagram video directly to your device with as few clicks as possible. All you have to do is open the desired video on Instagram, locate the three dots icon and tap ‘copy video link.’ With the link now saved, you can paste it into and the downloading process will begin while you watch. It’s totally free, so why wait? Try it out today!

Once you’ve identified the video you’d like to download, copy its URL and paste it in the green box. Now you’re ready to tap the Download MP4 button and get your insta video.

List of Top 10 Best Free Instagram Video Downloader (Reels/Stories)

S no.Insta Reels DownloadLink
24k Stogram
7QuickSaveDownload from Play Store or App Store

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1. Hashtags

Thanks to the internet and incredible innovations, like Hashtags, now we can easily download Instagram stories, photos or videos without any fuss. This Instagram Video Downloader tool comes with exclusive features such as being able to download high-quality videos and photos right from instagram, or copying the URL for downloading pictures or videos.

Top 10 Best Free Instagram Video Downloader

2. 4k Stogram

4K Stogram is the ultimate Instagram tool that allows users to download photos and videos based on username, hashtag or location – the perfect way to save shared memories from your own or other people’s accounts. Aside from downloading data, the app also offers an array of features such as Creating backups of Instagram accounts, viewing other people’s feeds, and saving various posts according to date.

4k Stogram

With 4K Stogram application you have complete control over your content and can choose exactly what you wish to download at any given time. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a powerful Instagram Reels Downloader right at your fingertips!

3. FastSave

FastSave is an Android app which allows users to quickly and easily download videos and photos in full resolution from Instagram. It boasts an impressive 10 million downloads due to its fast download speed, dashboard feature, and intuitive operation. With the long press you can easily view all the information of the user who posted the content, then share, repost, delete or hide it. FastSave also displays a collected stories section directly on its main screen so that users are immediately informed of new content available for download. its gives you the fastest possible download speed. All in all, this Instagram Video Downloader offers an incredibly convenient service.

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4. Ingramer

The Inngramer service allows you to save a wide range of Instagram media content, ranging from videos and photos to devices like iPhones, Android phones, iPads and PCs. All you need to do is access the online app and paste the respective link of the video or photo that you want to save on your device.


The app also comes with a variety of features that make it particularly convenient for users – an Instagram Video Downloader tool lets you save any photo or video directly onto your device, no matter if it is an android phone, iPhone, an iPad or a PC. This really makes it easy to take snapshots off of Instagram as soon as they become available!

5. IGram


If you’re in search of a reliable windows app for downloading photos and videos from Instagram, Free Instagram Download is the perfect choice. Highly efficient and easy to use, this simplistic tool allows everything from downloading complete user channels to customving the name of downloaded content! What’s more, its proxy server technology ensures maximum security while working with it – so all your downloads are safe and sound. Whether you simply want to have a copy of your own Instagram photos or looking to curate content from another source, IGram is the go-to choice.

6. Snapinsta

With the Snapinsta app, it is easier than ever to save your favorite contents directly from Instagram. This great tool provides a quick and convenient solution to download videos, photos and other content from the app in just two simple steps. The fun does not stop there, however.


Once you have obtained the file, you can explore all of your options such as sharing it with friends on Facebook or Twitter or deleting it all together if desired. The Snapinsta surely takes the hassle out of accessing your content without needing to transfer them around multiple devices.

7. QuickSave

Quick Save is an essential tool for any Instagram user! With the help of this app, you are able to effortlessly save or download images and videos. What makes this app even more convenient is that you can share what you’ve saved right from Quick Save- no additional steps necessary!

Additionally, the app has InstaSave for Instagram, which allows for a quick and seamless way of downloading whatever catches your eye. If a visually appealing design is important to you too, then you’re in luck: Quick Save’s interface concept has a beautiful material design that is great to look at and easy to use as well. Whether it’s remembering funny moments with friends or storing inspiring posts for later reference, Quick Save is there for all your Instagram needs!

8. InstaLoadGram

InstaLoadGram is a great tool for Instagram marketing, featuring functions that can export data from Instagram to Google or Excel Sheet, allow you to upload images and generate hashtags, as well as add lists, hashtags, whitespace, emojis and copy them to clipboard. It also offers the option of generating up to 30 hashtags related to the images you upload. This comprehensive marketing tool is an efficient way of getting the most out of your Instagram accounts by managing your posts effectively, getting more interactions with relevant audiences and giving you access to analytics related to your account’s performance.


9. Apphi

Apphi is an awesome tool for Instagram users on iOS devices. It not only lets you schedule posts, but also auto post videos, photos and stories. With a range of editing options, Apphi ensures effortless content creation and management and has quickly become one of the most popular Instagram downloader apps in the market.


Apphi offers a great way to share stories and feeds – the app automatically posts them! You can plan everything visually using its drag-and-drop feature. Add people, hashtags, locations and products to auto-post and set repeat post times. Apphi lets you schedule stuff in bulk and even upload multiple videos and photos at once. Plus, you can comment on video or photo-based posts – perfect!

10. InstaOffline

Make the most of your Instagram content — download Instaoffline! With this web-based app, you can easily save videos, photos, and IGTV clips from Instagram so you can access them offline and enjoy them whenever.


Instaoffline is here to simplify your life: download Instagram videos & photos without limits. No install needed. It encrypts so you are secure and protects your privacy while browsing. Instaoffline works on all devices, from phones to tablets. Just get those Insta highlights without having to worry!

There’s a variety of different apps to choose from. It all depends on the device you’re using – no matter if it’s an iOS, Android or Windows phone, each have their own downloaders specifically designed for viewing content on Instagram. So get downloading and start viewing!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How do I download Insta reels online?

Check out iGram—an online web tool designed to help you do just that. Downloading Instagram Photos, Videos, Reels, and IGTV videos is a breeze with this platform—regardless of device: mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Get the reels you need quickly and easily with iGram.

Which is the best insta reels downloader?

InstaOffline, Apphi ,InstaLoadGram, QuickSave.

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