Tony Positano Died

Canadian Drag Racers are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a great racer, Tony Postiano, who tragically lost his life in a terrible race car accident at Cayuga Dragway today. It’s been a heartbreaking day at Toronto Motorsports Park.

Who Was Tony Positano?

Tony Positano was a beloved figure in the world of racing. He raced in the Top Dragster class and was known not only for his impressive skills on the track but also for his warm and friendly demeanor. Racing was Tony’s true passion, second only to his family. His absence will leave a noticeable void at the race track, where he was often seen with his trademark big cigar. Tony was a formidable competitor, highly skilled in his craft, and always brought a competitive spirit to the drag racing community. His infectious smile and joyful approach to life endeared him to many. Tony’s dedication to the sport extended beyond his own pursuits; he tirelessly worked to promote racing and encourage more people to join in. In his memory, we say, “Godspeed, Tony,” as he leaves behind a legacy that will forever be cherished by those who knew him.

Tony Positano Died In An Accident: How It Happened

Tony Positano, a talented racer from Courtice, Ontario, who competed in the Top Dragster class, tragically lost his life today in a high-speed accident at Cayuga Dragway. This sad incident has left the racing community deeply saddened. Scott Wildgust, in a heartfelt message on their Facebook page, paid tribute to Tony,

As we all now as racers we have 2 families, our family at home and our family when we show up at the racetrack. Well today I Lost one of both. For the past 25 years Tony Positano has been one of my closest friends on and off the racetrack, he was also one of my biggest fans and supporters, he taught me to never give up and keep moving forward. From the many of dinners out to the hundreds of bottles of whiskey we drank, from you driving 4 hours to surprise me at my 40th birthday, and the one I most remember is the time you flew to Bradenton to watch me compete at my first snowbirds race! You are truly one of the best persons I have ever met. You will forever be in my heart and there will never be a time I start my racecar and don’t think of you

Love ya brother!

– Wrote by Scott Wildgust

DragRaceCanada shared a touching tribute post on their Facebook page, reflecting the profound impact Tony Positano had on the racing community.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Tony Positano has decided to keep his obituary and funeral arrangements private for now. They are going through a difficult time and need space to heal. When they feel emotionally prepared, they will share the details of his funeral plans with his friends and others who care about him. This way, they can come together to remember and pay their respects to Tony when the time is right.

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