How Did Steve Drenzek and his Dog die?

Tragedy struck the Drenzek family when Steve and his dog were involved in a fatal car accident near Loveland, Colorado. The shockwaves are being felt by the community as they come to terms with the tragedy. People who knew Steve have expressed their sorrow over the immense loss and looked back fondly on memories shared together with him. Out of such an unfortunate incident, those close to Steve will no doubt take solace in knowing that such a kind and loving spirit has moved on to better things.

How Did Steve Drenzek and his Dog die?

Tragically, Steve Drenzek and his beloved dog, Goose, were killed in a car crash on Highway 34 near Loveland, Colorado. Though found severely injured from the collision and pronounced dead due to their wounds, Dennis Berger of Stewartsville, NJ, was able to remember the Steve he knew before as a treasured family member. Just one day after his wedding last year, Steve showed up to the races, and it was so wonderful for them all to see him. The circumstances leading up to the accident are still unknown at this time—a sorrowful mystery that has been left with too few answers.

Steve Drenzek and his Dog died

After hearing the news of his friend’s passing, Dennis Berger was left in shock. He had been so close to Stephen Drenzek and even recently inquired about how he had been doing. In a tribute on social media, Berger expressed the love he had for his friend and shared some comforting words that embodied what everyone was feeling. He asked Stephen to give his grandmother a hug and kiss from all of them here on Earth—a comforting thought that generated an outpouring of kind remarks from friends and family members alike. In addition, Stephanie Beach posted this on social media two days ago.

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Obituary and funeral plans

The family of Stephen Drenzek has announced that an obituary and funeral plans will be released soon. Stephen was a beloved family member, friend, and colleague. His untimely passing has left them all with heavy hearts. The family asks that respect for their privacy be shown during this difficult time. They thank everyone for their love and support.

Steve Drenzek GoFundMe

Stephanie Beach’s GoFundMe page is an incredible way to show the Beach family just how much they are supported. It was Goose, Steve’s trusted sidekick, who brought the two lifelong friends together and made their connection truly unbreakable. Goose is no longer with us, but it’s heartwarming that we can support Steve’s family to make sure his last wishes can be honored. All donations are going toward returning Steve to his family in Pennsylvania, including transportation of any belongings he may have had, Goose included. If you can spare a kind gesture or assistance towards the cost of bringing him home, the Beach family would be ever so grateful for your help.

Tributes to Steve Drenzek and Goose

Kelly Orene Vecchiarelli Commented,

I work and live right where the wreck occurred. I will go look. The accident was absolutely horrible 🙁

Danielle Ritter Commented,

I’m so sorry for your loss. I was praying for goose and driving around looking for him .

Atleast he is reunited with his dad . Rest in peace 🙏🏻

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