Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover

Slick Goku, as known as Reggie Groover, was an immensely popular Youtuber who sadly passed away on Friday, January 20, 2023. His channel had lots of subscribers from across the world and he had made a name for himself in the online community with his ground breaking content. His death has come as a shock to everyone who followed him and loved his work, leaving us all feeling stunned and heartbroken at the untimely loss of such a creative individual. He will be deeply missed by so many people, not only here in America but around the globe.

Who Was Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover?

Reggie Groover, better known by his YouTube channel name Slick Goku, was a popular American YouTuber and gamer from Goleta, California. He has been living in Santa Barbara, California for the last few years. With over 264 thousand subscribers, his Slick Goku gaming channel has become one of the largest in the US with over 43.7 million views and counting. His gaming channel started back on December 1st 2018 and Uploaded a total of 591 videos so far. His most recent video posted just last week is themed Eren Jaeger Meets Optimus Prime [SFM], which has garnered almost 2 million views already. His popularity on YouTube continues to grow with each new upload!

Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover Die

Youtuber @SlickGoku2GS has been active on Twitter since Jan 2016 and now he has 9.1K followers! His profile was created even before he launched his YT channel and although it may seem like he’s not a fan of the platform, his most recent tweet was on Jan 19, 2023. He clearly takes advantage of this social media platform to get his message out and connect with his fans in a whole new way.

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How Did Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover Die? What was his Cause of death?

The death of popular YouTuber Slick Goku, also known as Reggie Groover, was a crushing blow to the entertainment and internet industries on January 20th, 2023. Reggie Groover passed away due to a severe seizure. Unfortunately for his family, who were present at his passing, Reggie’s death was made even more devastating by their presence. To assist in covering the costs associated with the funeral next Saturday on January 28th, his mother Janice Gore and stepfather Juston Schramm set up a GoFundMe fundraiser, found here: His untimely passing is a stark reminder that life should be cherished each moment because it can so easily be taken from us without warning. We may never know why Reggie had to leave us so soon, but he will not soon be forgotten for inspiring millions with his humor and wit.

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Tributes to Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover

Carlos Rojas  Posted,

Rest in peace Slick Goku aka Reggie Grover. I watched his videos on YouTube for years and I loved the parodies he made. The world he built with various shows like dragon ball and so many others was so imaginative. He made me more appreciative of the medium that is anime. Go gentle into the light sir. I want to post a parody he made that I loved so much.

We offer our deepest sympathies to Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover’s loved ones, friends, and fans. Losing him is a tremendous blow to all of us whose lives he touched with his immense talent. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and the world has lost a unique artist who will never be forgotten. Our thoughts go out to all of those mourning this heartbreaking loss and we pray that they can find some small amount of comfort during this difficult time. Our love, prayers, and support are with you.

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