Skee Burkes Died

Tragedy struck at the West Texas Fair in Abilene, Texas, as 26-year-old bronco rider Skee Burkes lost his life on Saturday. The young rider met with a fatal accident when he was thrown from his horse during the rodeo event, leaving the community in shock and mourning his untimely passing.

Who Was Skee Burkes?

Skee Burkes was a remarkable person right from the day he was born. Throughout his life, he surprised everyone by doing things in his own unique way. He had a special mix of talents—a great sense of humor, artistic skills, and musical abilities—that made him one-of-a-kind. He loved things from the past, like Elvis and Bob Dylan, and anything that had a real vintage feel to it. But Skee didn’t just admire these old treasures; he was an expert who loved and cherished the beauty of times gone by.

Skee was incredibly creative, and his ideas left a deep impression on those who saw his art. He had a talent for making his ideas come to life in his own special way. He also played a significant role in helping his bus driver, Rob Simmons, find faith and get baptized at the Henrietta Cowboy Church. Skee’s influence went beyond art and music; it touched the hearts of those he shared his strong faith with.

He had a free-spirited nature and embraced life with open arms. His easygoing attitude was contagious, reminding everyone to enjoy the present moment and embrace life’s surprises. Skee’s legacy continues to shine brightly, showing how one person can make a big impact by living life their way and embracing the unexpected.

Skee Burkes Died: What Happened to Him?

Tragic news has emerged regarding the bronc rider, Skee, who lost his life on Saturday night during the West Texas Fair & Rodeo. Skee was thrown from his horse, and the horse unintentionally stepped on his head, leading to this heartbreaking incident. Skee was not only a skilled bronc rider but also an oilfield supervisor and a talented leather worker.

In a touching tribute, the West Texas Fair & Rodeo, along with the Expo Center Board of Directors, expressed their deepest condolences to Skee Burkes’ family.

The West Texas Fair & Rodeo and Expo Center Board of Directors would like to extend our deepest condolences to Burkes’ family. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved – rodeo competitors, fans and spectators, and officials who were in the arena that night. It is our wish to help the family offset funeral costs for this young cowboy, please join us in this endeavor. Together, we may all help relieve the financial aspect of this tragedy so that the family can freely remember the Christ-like, creative, and adventurous life of Skee.

– Wrote by West Texas Fair & Rodeo

Bronc Riding Nation also shared this heartfelt post on their Facebook page, showing the widespread support and sympathy for Skee’s family and the rodeo community.

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Graveside Service

There will be a graveside service for Skee at Matador Cemetery at 11:00 on Wednesday, September 13. Additionally, a memorial service will take place at the Henrietta Cowboy Church in Henrietta, Texas, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 17.

Tributes to Skee Burkes

Austyn Jones Wrote,

Another good sole taken way too soon! Sure do miss traveling around to jack pot shows and hoping the old brown truck would make it there and back! Rest easy good buddy Skee Burkes

Caden Robinson Wrote,

Goodness buddy, where to begin, no matter how far life takes you apart from friends they are always still friends. This dude was one of a kind, and always ready for fun! Irreplaceable soul, and was as close as to a brother that a friend could be for many years. Tomorrows never promised so if you got a friend that you haven’t heard from in a while, don’t hesitate to check in and see how life’s treating them, one day it’ll be to late and you’ll wish you could! Rest easy amigo, hope there is an abundance of belly high green grass and sure footed mounts! Save us a spot and watch over us till we meet again pard! Skee Burkes

Corbin Mckee Wrote,

Skee Burkes you are one of the real ones my friend. You were a hand at anything you did. Happy trails until we meet again! Prayers for the family during this time!

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