Sebastian Trimble

The Sumner community is in mourning, as one of its own, Sebastian Trimble, passed away on Friday, January 13th. Before his passing, Sebastian was employed by Tyson Foods. This is a tremendous loss for all and our hearts go out to family members and friends at this time of grief. We extend our deepest sympathies to all those impacted by this unfortunate tragedy and stand together in supporting the immediate loved ones of Sebastian Trimble. Such a terrible occurrence brings sadness to us all – let us keep those affected in our thoughts during these trying times. Read to know more

What happened to Sebastian Trimble and Cause of death?

It’s with deep sorrow and regret that we must announce the recent passing of Sebastian Trimble. He was remembered fondly by all those who knew him for his kind heart and infectious personality. Given the tragic circumstances, many people are probably wondering what happened in the lead up to Sebastian’s death, but at present the exact cause has not been announced. We will provide any available updates as soon as we have them, as everyone wishes to find solace in understanding more clearly what has happened.

Sebastian Trimble

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Tributes To Sebastian Trimble

Losing someone close is perhaps the hardest thing one could face in life. Our hearts go out to those who are grieving for their loved one. Though difficult, we must remind ourselves that each journey has an end. Although it might hurt to accept, the person’s time on earth has come to a close. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone going through this tough period.

Kelia Tylor wrote,

“Sebastian Trimble … RIP, man, seriously, ”

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