Sam Hassas Died

Sam Hassas, a photographer from San Jose, California, has tragically passed away due to suicide, leaving behind grieving family and friends. In this article, we will explore who Sam Hassas was and the circumstances surrounding his untimely death.

Who was Sam Hassas?

Sam Hassas was not only the owner and project estimator at Hassas Photography but also a cherished figure in San Jose. He was renowned for his artistic wedding photography, which beautifully captured moments filled with human emotion. Sam was not just a photographer; he was also a poet, expressing his creativity in multiple ways. Growing up in San Jose, he first discovered his passion for photography during his high school years. He further refined his skills at West Valley Community College before venturing out on his own in 2001 by establishing Hassas Photography.

Sam was a man of many admirable qualities. He was passionate about his craft, deeply compassionate towards others, and had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. His curiosity knew no bounds, making him a perpetual learner. Sam possessed a remarkable gift for artistry, often bringing out the best in the couples he worked with, helping them feel at ease and trust his vision. His infectious humor and warm personality had a way of making everyone around him laugh and smile, and through his lens, everyone appeared truly beautiful.

Sam Hassas Died: What Happened?

The passing of Sam Hassas due to suicide has left the Silicon Valley arts community in deep sorrow. Friends and family have shared that Sam was quietly struggling with depression and mental health challenges. However, his sudden and tragic death by suicide has shocked and devastated those who were familiar with his lively personality and his remarkable skills as a photographer. David McGovern shared a heartfelt message on Facebook,

Beyond heartbroken to hear of the tragic death of my friend, Sam Hassas. Once upon a time, we were young guys in the 90’s… running around Western District Youth Convention, Senior Camp… having fun, goofing off… and ultimately answering the call of God on our lives, along with many of our peers. That’s how I’ll always remember Sam. The life of the party with a heart for people, and one of the most gifted photographers & artists I’ve ever known. My prayers are with Monica and the boys. Asking all my Facebook friends to join me in praying for the Hassas family.

– Wrote by David McGovern

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Sam Hassas will share information about his obituary and funeral arrangements in the future, but right now, they need time to cope with their grief and begin the healing process. When they are ready, they will let us know about the details of his funeral.

Tributes to Sam Hassas

Jason N Leah West Wrote,

One of the most creative minds I have ever known. Never a dull moment around Sam. Always the life of the party. The one guy who would always make me laugh. Every time. So many wonderful memories with Sam.

I was informed today that Sam Hassas passed from this life. Our hearts are heavy. He will be missed. Please keep Monica, Ethan and John Paul in your prayers.

By Andrew

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