Roosevelt High School Accident

On Wednesday afternoon, a tragic incident occurred when nearly a dozen teenagers sustained injuries when a truck collided with a bus stop near Roosevelt High School in Fresno. Keep reading to find out more about what happened.

Roosevelt High School Accident:

The incident occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. in the vicinity of Roosevelt High School, near the intersection of Tulare and Cedar avenues in Fresno. According to Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer, the mishap involved a 16-year-old driver who was reportedly speeding in a truck when it collided with a FAX bus stop where approximately 20 students were waiting. Tragically, 11 of these students were struck by the vehicle and subsequently transported to local hospitals, fortunately with injuries that are not considered life-threatening.

Mayor Dyer emphasized, “Fortunately, the injuries are described as none of them appearing to be very serious. Perhaps a broken leg or a back injury. The accident could have been a lot worse. After the crash, the driver ran away from the scene with his 14-year-old sister.”

However, the authorities were able to locate and apprehend the driver after a family member picked him and his sister up and attempted to leave the area, eventually being stopped by officers at Ventura and Orange.

Mayor Dyer asserted, “Officers were able to arrest him. He is in custody at this time. He needs to be held accountable, and he will be.” The incident is currently under investigation and is being treated as a hit-and-run case.

The Fresno Unified School District issued a statement about the accident.

We are aware there has been an accident outside of Roosevelt High School where several of our students were hit by an out-of-control vehicle while waiting at a FAX bus stop. Emergency responders are on scene and our Fresno Unified emergency response team is also on scene providing support. Our team is also deploying mental health support to the site. Please keep our Roosevelt students and team in your thoughts.

– Wrote by Fresno Unified School District

Cedar Street will be closed at Tulare Street for several hours.

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