Riley Wang

Riley Wang, a Singer, actor and DJ who was born in Taiwan and grew up in Canada, recently passed away. He was immensely popular for his singing work and is remembered fondly by fans from both countries. His unexpected death left many shocked, saddened and mourning this beloved Canadian-Taiwanese celebrity. Rest in peace Riley Wang — you will be greatly missed.

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Who was Riley Wang

Canadian-Taiwanese Riley Wang is a singer, actor, and DJ. He was born on 18 March, 1996 in Taiwan and moved to Canada with his family at age 10. He made it to second place in a Vancouver modeling contest in 2012, then joined SpeXial when the boy band expanded from 4 to 12 members. In 2017, he left SpeXial after his contract expired and starred on TV show “Miss You”.

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Riley Wang dead

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Riley Wang dead: Riley Wang’s Cause of death ?

The news of beloved Canadian-Taiwanese singer, actor, and DJ Riley Wang’s sudden death has left us all feeling saddened beyond words. While the cause of his death may remain unclear for now, we can only pray that his family and friends are able to find solace during such a difficult time. We are continuously in contact with those close to Wang in hopes of bringing accurate information to light soon. The fraternity is asking for everyone to keep the loved ones of Riley Wang in their thoughts and prayers. Updated information pertaining to this case will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Some Facts About Riley Wang

Fans of Riley Wang, Taiwanese actor and former member of SpeXial, were disappointed to find out that the release of both Long For You Season 2 and I Hear You on YouTube does not include subtitles. Unfortunately for international fans, this means there is no way of understanding his performance unless they have a background in Mandarin.

Despite the bad news, there have been good developments in his career in 2019 so far. In May, he began shooting First Romance with Wan Peng, a production expected to take 90 days to complete. More recently however, rumors circulated that he and Guo Shu-yao (Yao Yao), whom he met during Attention Love drama had broken up despite speculations that they could be dating.

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Obituray and Funeral

For those that knew Riley, the news of his loss has no doubt left a gaping hole in everyone’s heart. The ripple effect of his passing no doubt has friends and family deeply mourning. In the coming weeks, it is comforting to know that we all have the opportunity to publicly honor and remember Riley in our own way during an appropriate tribute event. We can be confident that this will be a wonderful chance for the entire community to reflect on the memories and impact he made on all of our lives.

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