Paul Goad died

It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of a former firefighter and engineer Paul Goad. Keep reading to know more about late Paul Goad including his cause of death, who was he and much more.

Who was Paul Goad?

Paul was a highly valued and active member of the department he joined in late 2014. He quickly proved himself to be a quick learner, and his interest in becoming a driver/operator for the department was evident to all. After successfully completing the necessary training, Paul became one of the best drivers and operators that the department had ever seen. His dedication to the department was unwavering, and he was always willing to spend his own time and resources to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Paul was known for his positive attitude and his ability to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. When he moved away several years ago and left the department, his absence was deeply felt, and no one could fill the void he left behind. Paul’s unwavering dedication to his community and his commitment to serving others will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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Paul Goad died: What was his cause of death?

Paul’s passing was announced with profound sadness, but details surrounding his death and the cause of his passing remain unknown at this time. As a valued member of his community, Paul’s loss will undoubtedly be felt by many. He served with honor and distinction during his time as a firefighter and earned the respect and admiration of those he worked alongside.

Paul Goad

Although the circumstances of his passing are not yet clear, his contributions to the community and his legacy of service will not be forgotten. As more information becomes available, we will update this page to honor Paul’s memory and provide support to those who loved him.

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

At this time, details regarding Paul’s obituary and funeral arrangements have not been released. It is likely that his family members will share this information when they are ready. While his loved ones grieve the loss of this dedicated firefighter, we send our thoughts and condolences to them during this difficult time.

We are grateful for Paul’s service and his commitment to making his community a safer and better place. His legacy will live on through his fellow firefighters and the countless lives he touched through his selfless service.

Tributes to Paul Goad

Becca Goad Wrote,

Thank you so much Highland Volunteer Fire Department – TN my daddy loved the dept so much! He made sure to wear a shirt for highland every day!. He always had a story to tell about the dept. and the men and women on there!.

Judy Plummer Wrote,

So sad to hear about Paul. He was a great guy. I have missed seeing him. Love and hugs to Angela and his family.

Daniel Scruggs Wrote,

My prayers go out the Goad family and to Highland. He always had the engine ready to roll out when we all got there and would holler “ what’s taking y’all so long” so sad to hear this news.

By Andrew

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