North Spokane Murder-Suicide

The Spokane Police Major Crimes Unit is currently conducting an investigation following a tragic incident where three individuals, including two children under the age of 12, were discovered deceased in a North Spokane residence overnight. The authorities are working diligently to uncover the details surrounding this distressing event.

The Incident: North Spokane Murder-Suicide

Late at night, a man returned to his home on W. Woodside Avenue near N. 5 Mile Road and discovered his wife and two children were not responsive. Sadly, the police later confirmed that a woman and two children under 12 were found dead at the scene. Additionally, family pets were also discovered deceased, though the types and number of pets remain unknown.

The Spokane Police Department is currently investigating the incident as a potential murder-suicide, with no suspects currently being sought. A neighbor, Bill Sorcinelli, living across the street, was awakened by the police around midnight but hadn’t heard anything unusual. While Sorcinelli had limited interaction with the family, he recalled seeing two young girls playing in the yard and a woman walking their dogs around the block.

In a further heartbreaking turn, it was revealed by Spokane Public Schools that the two children were previously students at Balboa Elementary but were being homeschooled at the time of their tragic deaths. Balboa Principal Brenda Lollis expressed condolences, emphasizing the impact of such a loss on students.

Counseling services will be provided for students and staff to help them navigate through this difficult time. The identities of the deceased individuals will be disclosed later, and the community awaits more details as this is an ongoing and evolving story.

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