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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Matthew A. Reyer, a beloved resident of Elkmont, Alabama. Matthew was an alumnus of West Limestone High School and had touched the lives of many in his community. Sadly, he passed away on March 9th, 2023, leaving behind family, friends, and loved ones who are mourning his sudden loss. The news was shared by Austin White on Facebook on March 10th, 2023, leaving many in shock and disbelief.

Who was Matthew Reyer?

Matthew A. Reyer, a beloved resident of Elkmont, Alabama, was known for his kindheartedness, empathy, and vast knowledge. Growing up in Lester, Alabama, he attended West Limestone High School and later the University of North Alabama. He was a cherished grandson of Linda Browning Callahan, a cousin of Ashley Birdwell Leopard, and a beloved nephew to Sean Callahan and Gina Reyer.

Matthew was always willing to offer advice and share his opinions on various topics, often engaging in deep conversations with friends while sipping on cold beverages. He was regarded as an angel and a loyal friend by all who sought his unwavering friendship and guidance. With his open-mindedness and generous nature, Matthew made friends easily, and countless individuals sought his help and listened to his words of wisdom. Though he may have appeared tough on the outside, he had a soft and compassionate heart that endeared him to many.

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How did Matthew Reyer die? What was his cause of death?

On Thursday night, tragedy struck the town of Elkmont, Alabama, when Matthew A. Reyer, a 26-year-old resident, lost his life in a single-vehicle collision. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Reyer’s car veered off the road, causing the vehicle to flip over and collide with a tree. The impact was so severe that Reyer was thrown from the car, and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The collision occurred around 10:15 p.m. along Easter Ferry Road and Maples Road, approximately 13 miles west of Athens. The cause of the accident is not yet known, and investigations are ongoing. The loss of a young life has deeply saddened the Elkmont community, and they mourn the loss of Matthew A. Reyer, a kind-hearted and knowledgeable young man who will be greatly missed.

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Tributes to Matthew Reyer

Jeff Phillips Wrote,

I’ll always cherish the memories and the time spent with you on this earth buddy and I’ll join you someday in the glorious kingdom of our Lord and Savior but until then you’ll be in my heart and on my mind love you Matthew Reyer AKA “ Snoop” ❤️

Justin Nichols Wrote,

Hurts my heart to hear the news about my brother Matthew Reyer. You were taken from this world way too early. This is not right, you did not deserve this what so where. I will forever cherish your friendship! Rest easy my brother ❤️ My boy BAMA

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