Mark Mincer

Mark Mincer, owner of the beloved UVa sportswear store, sadly passed away on January 28, 2023, after a hard-fought battle against brain cancer. He was 60 years old at the time of his death and leaves behind a remarkable legacy in Charlottesville’s history. For decades, Mark had been providing locals and university students with quality sportswear, giving plenty of people lasting memories. The community is deeply saddened by this great loss to the local area.

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Who was Mark Mincer?

When Mark Mincer graduated from the McIntire School at the University of Virginia in 1985, joining the family business was a logical step. His grandfather and father had recently decided not to extend their lease for the University Sport Shop, leaving them with an empty space that needed to be filled. Inspired by his love of Charlottesville and driven by his passion for athletics—empowered further when UVA’s football team beat Clemson and became the No. 1-ranked team in 1990—Mincer joined in encouraging his family’s sporting goods expansion. He understood it was both an opportunity to continue a legacy and a chance to make a difference in his hometown.

Mark, who inherited the store from his father in 2012, says that it is one of the great beauties of retail that you learn from mistakes; even his father, an industry veteran though he was, made errors. For instance, in the mid-1970s, they opted to stock UVA Spring Break t-shirts. Unfortunately, there was far less demand for these than anticipated, and the venture soon had to be dropped. Fortunately, Mark has become more adept at anticipating trends based on customer purchasing habits, allowing him to eliminate some of the unlucky guesswork and improvise more profitable ideas.

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How did Mark Mincer die? What was his cause of death?

The local community is mourning the passing of Mark Mincer, owner of the University of Virginia sportswear store that had become a beloved institution over the past several decades. This evening, news came that the 60-year-old owner of the UV sportswear store died after a brave fight with glioblastoma. In October of 2020, doctors informed him and his family that he had 14 months to live from his diagnosis, but he courageously lived for 27 months instead. The University of Virginia and its surrounding community will sadly miss Mincer’s presence. A respected member of the school and local community, Mincer left an inspiring legacy behind him despite his early departure.

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Obituary and funeral arrangement

The family of Mark Mincer has announced that the release of his obituary and funerary arrangements will be forthcoming. It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of a beloved member of our community. Mark made a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure to know him and his impact will never be forgotten. All are invited to lend their respects to a truly honorable and dignified individual as his life is honored. Please keep his family in your thoughts during this trying time and share any fond memories you may have about Mark with those closest to him.

Tributes to Mark Mince

Cecily Reynolds Wrote,

So heartbroken for this family. He took pictures at my son’s 1st birthday party, as a guest, & I treasure them still. RIP, Mark Mincer

Roderick Mullin Wrote,

I met Mark Mincer several years ago at Mincer’s on the Corner in Charlottesville. A really nice guy. Found out later he was battling cancer and was holding his own. This morning, I found out he had passed. It’s a ritual for us to go to Mincer’s and just stop in and yes, buy something VIRGINIA.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this time.

Our deepest sympathies are with Tara, Cal, Bailey, Sydney and Amanda, along with their extended family on the passing of their beloved. Our hearts are heavy to hear this news, and we stand with them in this difficult time. We offer our sincere condolences and pray that they find strength in one another and peace in his memory.

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