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Louise Harrison Caldwell, the older sister of George Harrison and daughter of Liverpool, passed away peacefully on Sunday, Jan. 29th in Sarasota, Florida at 91. She kept his memory alive through her relentless faith in The Beatles’ legacy and by encouraging the younger generations to keep the band’s music alive. She was well liked and will be profoundly missed.

Who was Louise Harrison?

Louise Harrison was a remarkable woman, who led a multi-faceted life. Born in Liverpool, England in 1932 and moving to Canada shortly thereafter, she found success as an airline stewardess before moving back to England for other employment opportunities. In the UK she worked as a receptionist for a shipping company with part-time work at a music publisher and with her brother’s band The Beatles later in their career. As if this wasn’t enough – Louise was an accomplished musician herself. With several released solo singles throughout the 1960s and touring extensively through North America during the late 70s/early 80s with her own band Louise & The Lowbrows – it is clear that there was nothing she could not do. She even co-wrote several songs with George which were performed by his post-Beatles band Wings. What an amazing journey!

Something About The Beatles Wrote,

R.I.P Louise Harrison 1931 – 2023

The firstborn of George’s parents has passed away at 91 in Florida. Her mother’s namesake married around the time George was 12, to Gordon Caldwell – a Scottish mining engineer – and thus missed out completely on his burgeoning musicality when she emigrated to the states. They reconnected in autumn 1963, when a pre-Beatlemania George visited her in Benton, Illinois. With the group under a recording contract and scoring UK hits by then, Louise had attempted to stir interest with radio stations she could access, but her subsequent tellings tended to embellish the results of her campaign.

In February 1964, when The Beatles arrived in New York for their Ed Sullivan debut, Louise flew out and looked after George, who was suffering a bout of the flu. She would later give radio interviews to stations around the country, resulting in a compilation album that became one more artifact of the period.

It’s fair to say that the two suffered an estrangement at some point: when it began isn’t certain, but George nonetheless put his sister in a monthly stipend after the failure of her second marriage. Where it became ugly was after his death – though the siblings made up in person when George was on his deathbed in 2001, Louise would tell the tabloid press that after her brother died, Olivia cut off the allowance. Whether or not this was actually true or not (or the context) depends on who was doing the reporting, but her 2014 memoir, My Kid Brother’s Band aka The Beatles was an exercise in bridge burning (as well as proof of the importance of editors when publishing a book).

When not attending Beatle fan gatherings, Louise spent her latter years managing a Beatles tribute band. With her passing, the circle of family members grows smaller, leaving brother Harold as his remaining sibling.

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Louise Harrison Obituary

Louise Harrison was more than just George Harrison’s big sister — she was someone with whom many people could relate and whom they could learn from. From her family and friends to her devoted fans around the world, Louise proved a constant source of inspiration for many people. Her endless contributions to music and her unwavering dedication to ensuring that George’s legacy remained alive have been a major influence on the lives of so many over so many years. Although we mourn the loss of such a strong presence in our lives, Louise’s spirit will forever live on through the music and memories that those who knew her best carry with them and pass down for generations to come. Rest in peace, Louise!

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Tributes to Louise Harrison

James D. Jones Commented,

I Am saddened to report that Louise Harrison aka “Lou” passed away peacefully yesterday…so many great memories and stories. She is a good soul and truly be missed. I will have more to say later…. I just wanted to let folks know that she passed away peacefully.

Penny Holland Commented,

RIP Louise Harrison. I’m so blessed to have met you and had such a great conversation with you back in 2013 at Walnut Ridge Ar. RIP sweeet lady.

By Andrew

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