Long Beach Active Shooter

In a dramatic turn of events, an armed carjacking suspect was apprehended after leading authorities on a dangerous chase and firing shots at police officers with an assault rifle. The situation was tense, with the suspect putting the lives of innocent people on the streets at risk. The chase finally came to an end when law enforcement apprehended the suspect.

Long Beach Active Shooter

Law enforcement agents in three counties, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles, were involved in a pursuit of a suspect wanted for carjacking, who also fired multiple rounds on police officers during the chase. The chase began in Chino Hills after a hit-and-run collision, followed by the suspect carjacking another driver at a gas station. The pursuit continued along CA-91 into Anaheim, where the suspect opened fire on the police with a long gun. It is believed that the suspect was armed with an AR-15 style rifle.

The chase continued into Long Beach and eventually Harbor City, where the suspect fired three more rounds, shattering the front and back windshields of his vehicle, on a crowded street. The suspect was driving recklessly, blowing through red lights, reaching dangerously high speeds, and even veering onto the wrong side of the road. During the pursuit, the suspect nearly hit another car while making a left turn, and pointed the weapon at the bystander.

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The chase came to an end after the suspect crashed into a Los Angeles School Police Department cruiser in Harbor City. The suspect attempted to escape on foot, weaving through cars in search of another vehicle to carjack but was unsuccessful. Law enforcement tackled the suspect and detained him. The suspect was not armed with a rifle at the time of the arrest. The reckless actions of the suspect put many lives in danger, and the authorities are working to ensure that justice is served.

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