Lauren Kingsbury Missing

According to the police, a woman has been reported missing from Laurel, Maryland since Friday. Further details about her disappearance and current whereabouts are yet to be disclosed by the authorities. The police are urging anyone with any information about the missing woman to come forward and help with their investigation.

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Lauren Kingsbury Missing

On March 26, 2023, news emerged that Lauren Kingsbury had disappeared. She was last seen on March 24 at 12:46 p.m. on Korba Place, dressed in gray sweatpants, a dark shirt, and white shoes. Lauren is a Black woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and weighs 150 pounds. The last sighting of her was captured on a security camera belonging to a nearby resident, which showed her and her ex-girlfriend Brittany entering her condominium complex, walking outside with Lauren’s dog, and then leaving together. Lauren’s mother reported that the two had been dating for over a year before recently ending their relationship. Lauren’s parents had been in touch with her until Friday, when she stopped responding to their messages, and they could not contact her. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are unclear, and her family and friends are urging anyone with information to come forward to help find her.

After Lauren Kingsbury’s disappearance, her family and friends went to her house to check on her and tried to call the police from there. However, they were unable to enter her house. The authorities are urging anyone with information regarding Lauren’s whereabouts to contact them at 301-498-0092 or send an anonymous email to [email protected] with any relevant information.

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