LaJoya McCoy

LaJoya McCoy was ambitious and full of life. On October 9th, 2015, the 31-year-old mother of two proudly posted on Facebook about an exciting new chapter in her life. But tragically, it was the last time her family and friends heard from her. Just days later, LaJoya’s dreams were cut short when she was struck down in the prime of her life.

NBC’s “Dateline” and “Dead of Night,” both outstanding in storytelling, kept viewers captivated with their suspenseful true crime stories. Using interviews and narrators with people involved in the case, their investigative reporting revealed the truth behind the real-life riddles to a stunned nation. Perhaps one of the most shocking of them all was the La Jolla McCoy murder in mid-2015. Not only did investigators compile enough information to solve the crime within just seven days of when it occurred, but nobody even realized that she had passed away until then either. If you’re intrigued by the case and still have questions left to be answered, look no further—a comprehensive list is available below for you.

Who Was LaJoya McCoy?

LaJoya McCoy had a seemingly perfect life in Pasadena, California. At 31 years old and with two children to call her own, LaJoya was a devoted single mother who could also be proud of her boutique business and full-time job. Despite her always hectic schedule, LaJoya balanced it all effortlessly while never sacrificing time with family and friends—until the evening of June 9, when all contact abruptly ceased. As worries began to sink in on June 15 over LaJoya’s recent lack of communication, those close to her pressed authorities for help. Her coworkers chimed in that she hadn’t shown up to work for crucial meetings or even answered her phone. Fear spread quickly, yet nobody could have anticipated what happened next.

LaJoya McCoy

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LaJoya McCoy Died: What Happened to her?

On the same day that the Monrovia Police Department (MPD) responded to a La Jolla welfare audit in the 800 block of West Olive Avenue, they made a shocking discovery while on the job. Accidentally coming across the house in question and noticing evidence of someone else’s carelessness, they chose to take immediate action and contact the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau for help with what was quickly suspected to be a missing person investigation. Requesting a search warrant for the building, police officers acted swiftly in light of this surprise discovery, taking safety precautions as well as collecting more information about whatever had taken place inside that unfamiliar property.

The following day, June 16th, an extensive grid search around her address led to the discovery of her car in the 200 block of West Cypress Avenue. Her body lay inside, bruised and wrapped in a blanket, with a child’s car seat nearby. The autopsy report indicated that she had been multiple stabbed and strangled on June 10th, 2015. Such a tragedy serves as a harsh reminder of the fragility of life.

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Who killed LaJoya McCoy?

La Jolla’s death was initially shrouded in mystery but went on to become a tragic case. Jose Roberto Turner, her ex-partner of more than ten years and father of their two children, had been arrested in connection with the homicide after more than a month of La Jolla’s disappearance. Her friends and family members informed investigators that La Jolla had confided in them about suspicious events, including an unexplained flat tire and some documents that had gone missing from her home, which led her to feel like someone had broken into her house. This hinted at possible dangers in the weeks leading up to La Jolla’s unexpected demise. Unfortunately, justice for this story may be elusive as the identity of her killer still remains unknown.

La Jolla’s situation was dire, but her murder was a surprise to everyone. At first, La Jolla accepted the blame for not being aware of the treacherous circumstance she found herself in; however, upon deeper investigation, it became apparent how she ended up there: her ex-boyfriend Jose. Witnesses claim Jose stalked and was jealous of her when she was with other men, which was thought to be an exaggeration until investigators discovered his notebook full of threats against La Jolla. In the end, it was Jose’s intense jealousy and bitterness that led to her death and his own undoing.

When LaJoya’s body was found, her family and investigators were desperate to discover who had killed her. However, Jose displayed a sense of remorse by refusing to cooperate or provide any assistance in any manner, leading to his detention and eventual charge with first-degree murder. Unmistakable forensic evidence at the site linked him as the perpetrator, with La Jolla’s fingernails revealing traces of his DNA profile. Although he eventually had to face justice for LaJoya’s death, the lack of cooperation clearly showed Jose felt some kind of remorse for his actions. Despite denying the charges against him and claiming innocence, Jose was found guilty of all the allegations presented to him during June 19’s trial. Reports suggest that this case was filled with incriminating evidence—not only had his ex come forward to accuse him of being a monster, but lost belongings from the La Jolla house he stayed in were found on her car. This amounted to a strong enough case for the jury to find Jose guilty of these accusations, and after the verdict, he was detained without bond as his case made its way through the proceedings.

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