Kimberly Geeslin

It is with heavy hearts that we must share the news of Kimberly Geeslin, a Spanish and Portuguese professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University, passing away. Geeslin had been an esteemed member of IU’s community, working passionately to expand knowledge and create deep connections between students. Provost Rahul Shrivastav expressed his deep sadness in an emotion email to faculty members on Thursday, noting that she passed away Wednesday night. For all those who knew her, it will be a great loss, one which is felt deeply throughout the entire IU community.

Who was Kimberly Geeslin?

Kim Geeslin was an exemplary member of the Indiana University faculty and staff. Her five years of service, dedication, and leadership as associate vice provost left a lasting impact on the IU community. She brought her characteristic talent, hard work, and kindheartedness to Faculty and Academic Affairs and made meaningful changes for underrepresented populations at IU as well as higher education as a whole. As Vice Provost for IU Faculty and Academic Affairs, Vice Provost Shrivastav speaks highly of her legacy in terms of “generous collaboration,” “resourceful support,” and commitment to equity. Kim Geeslin will continue to be someone whose enthusiasm, strong character and innate warmth are deeply appreciated by all who worked with her and those she served while at IU.

Kimberly Geeslin

Professor Geeslin had a long history of passion and dedication to IU. During her time at the university, she held multiple leadership positions such as associate chair and interim chair in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, with a total of six years dedicated to those roles. She was also the director of the program in Hispanic linguistics for another eight seasons. Moreover, her effort to make IU a better place extended into 2021 when she took on the role of director for the Initiative for the Advancement of Women Faculty—a faculty resource specifically designed to help female professors succeed in their academic endeavors. Professor Geeslin’s commitment to IU is truly remarkable!

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Kimberly Geeslin Cause of Death?

Kim was an exceptional person who conducted her daily life with compassion and kindness. Her genuine care for others showed bright rays of light in the lives of those around her – whether it be through professional means or simply friendly interactions. The sad news of her passing has been felt by many, leaving us mourning the loss of such a wonderful person. Even though the cause of death is currently unknown, we are patiently waiting to hear from family before proceeding with further information. Kim will forever remain in our hearts and memories as a shining example of selflessness and kindness. Our sincerest condolences to all her family and friends during this difficult time – she will be remembered forever.

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family has announced that funeral arrangements for Kim will be released at a later date. The impact of her life and legacy will forever be remembered by those who loved her dearly. They invite everyone to keep her in their thoughts until the details are released.

Tributes to Kimberly Geeslin

Jorge Aguilar-Sanchez Wrote,

I am sadden to hear the passing of Kimberly Geeslin. One of my mentors at IU. Always worried that we did the right thing in research. Always friendly as a professor with the highest standards. I will be forever thankful to have met and worked with you and that you were my mentor. Rest in peace Kim. Condolences to Sean, your kids and your family.

Sarah Villwock Wrote,

Kim was a beautiful bright light who will be missed beyond words.

Michael G. Kraios Wrote,

Such an amazing professor and wonderful, kind, happy person!

Saddened to hear this.

Josh E. Grdn Wrote,

Maria Hasler Barker , I’m speechless and I don’t know what to say. This is shocking and very hard to digest. I was just thinking that maybe I would run into her at a conference this year. 😭😭😭

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