Kajal Raghwani Bold video

Kajal Raghwani, a popular Bhojpuri actress, recently starred in a bold music video with co-star Pawan Singh. The music video features a seductive bedroom scene, showcasing their hot on-screen chemistry. The video has caught the attention of fans and has been widely discussed on social media.

Kajal Raghwani Bold video

Kajal Raghwani and Pawan Singh’s romantic chemistry in the bold video of the song “Mehri Ke Sukh” is gaining popularity among fans. Pawan Singh is a renowned actor in Bhojpuri cinema and has a huge fan base across India. His fans enjoy both his old and new songs all over the country. Pawan Singh has worked with many actresses including Kajal Raghwani in the past.

The video we have included is for the popular Bhojpuri song “Mehri Ke Sukh”. In the video, Pawan Singh is seen romancing Kajal Raghwani on a bed. The duo has many successful songs, but this one is different. The title of this superhit song is “Mehri Ke Sukh Nahi Debu“.

This Bhojpuri song is the most popular one of Pawan Singh and Kajal Raghwani. In the song, the duo is seen romancing in a bedroom. The romantic lyrics and tune of the song are pleasing to the ears. Fans are crazy about the romantic chemistry between the two.

Pawan Singh looks really fashionable in the video and his look is quite energetic. Kajal Raghwani is seen wearing a nightgown and looks stunning. Pawan Singh and Bhojpuri artist Indu Sonali perform in this song.

Video Source: Youtube

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