Jessica Fern Missing

Update: The animal patrol found Honzo, Jessica’s dog, close to where her phone was last tracked at Surprise Beach. They’re still looking for Jessica.

Jessica Fern Missing:

On the evening of Tuesday, August 15, at around 6 p.m., Jessica Fern Rogers left her home in Ridgefield, a town in the state of Washington. She was dressed in a flannel button-up blouse featuring long sleeves, paired with black shorts. Jessica was accompanied by her canine companion, Honzo, an Irish wolfhound/German Shepherd mix with a tan coat. Her mode of transportation was a 2015 Ford Edge in a black and gray color scheme, identifiable by the license plate CCC7734.

The last known location of her phone’s signal was traced to Surprise Beach, situated along the waterfront of Vancouver, another city in Washington. However, despite efforts, her phone has yet to be found. Jessica Fern is characterized by her brown hair and eyes, standing at a height of 54 inches and weighing 110 pounds.

Jessica Fern Missing
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If you come across Jessica or possess any information regarding her whereabouts, kindly get in touch with the Ridgefield Police Department at (360) 887-3556, or alternatively, contact the provided cell phone number, (503) 607-7300. Your assistance could be crucial in ensuring her safety and well-being.

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