Jayson Godfrey Accident

We are deeply saddened to report the untimely and tragic loss of Jayson Godfrey, who tragically lost his life in a devastating car accident on Saturday, June 17, 2023. This heartbreaking incident has had a profound impact on the entire teachers community, leaving many in a state of disbelief and sorrow. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding this unfortunate event, providing further insight into the incident that has shaken the educational community.

Who was Jayson Godfrey?

Jayson Godfrey was an Assistant Principal at the Renaissance Charter School at Crown Point, situated on West Rd in Ocoee, Florida. Known for his leadership style that focused on leading by example, Jayson was deeply respected and loved by his colleagues and students. His guiding principle was to leave people in a better state than he found them, embodying the values of kindness and personal growth.

Throughout his career, Jayson remained a lifelong learner, always seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and improve as an educator. His dedication to his profession was evident in his persistence and ability to adapt quickly to new challenges. Hailing from Groveland, Florida, Jayson had a teaching background spanning over nine years at Charter Schools USA. He proudly identified as an alumnus of both the University of Central Florida and Palm Beach Community College, further showcasing his commitment to education and personal development.

Jayson Godfrey Accident: What was his Cause of death?

The Orange County community in Florida is currently grieving the loss of a beloved head teacher who tragically passed away. Mr. Jayson Godfrey, a highly respected and admired figure in the education field, lost his life in a devastating car accident that occurred on Saturday, June 17, 2023. As of now, the specific cause of the accident is still unknown. The news of this untimely and unexpected incident has left the entire teachers’ community in a state of shock and disarray. Colleagues and friends express their deep sorrow and pay tribute to Mr. Jayson, acknowledging him as a remarkable individual who made a significant impact in the lives of many.

His memory will be cherished, and his loss will be felt profoundly by all those who knew him. Rest in peace, Mr. Jayson Godfrey, you will always be remembered as a great man and a truly remarkable person.

Sharnae Lefloria-Daniels Wrote,

This one hurts…the tears keep coming. Jayson Godfrey you will be missed. You were my coworker, admin support and friend. I will miss our talks, inside jokes, fist bumps and your encouragement. You made the world and RCCP brighter because you were in it. My hurt felt prayers go out to your family and all those who knew you. Truly to know you was to love you.

RIP my friend. 🙏🏽👊🏽👊💔

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GoFundMe for Jayson Godfrey

Bethany Self is leading a fundraising appeal on behalf of Rachel Godfrey, organizing an official account to support the Godfrey family during this difficult time. Jayson Godfrey, who was deeply cherished by many, held the most significant roles in Rachel and Zackary’s lives—he was their loving father, devoted husband, and best friend. Tragically, on Saturday night, Jayson was involved in a fatal car accident. The emotional burden and overwhelming stress of planning a funeral while caring for their three-month-old baby at home is unimaginable.

We kindly request your consideration in assisting Rachel and Zackary as they navigate this challenging period and collaborate with their family to arrange the necessary funeral services. The current fundraising progress stands at $28,200 USD, with a target of $50,000. Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The obituary and funeral arrangements for Jayson will be released by his family, who are currently grieving this profound loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jayson’s loved ones during this difficult time. We kindly ask for privacy and respect for the family’s wishes as they navigate through their grief and make the necessary arrangements to honor Jayson’s life and legacy.

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Tributes to Jayson Godfrey

Jayson Godfrey … Waking up to the news that you were gone felt unreal. It still does. There aren’t words to describe the impact that will be felt through your teaching community, your many friends, and most of all your beautiful new family. Zackary and Rachel deserved so much more time with you.

You were always there with a smile or a joke, you were a safe place in hard times, and you grew into such an amazing person over the years I knew you, no one could argue the light you brought into a room – or even around a fire pit.

To say I’ll miss you is an understatement. I love you Jase.

Kim Mogerman Wrote,

Jayson Godfrey was an amazing educator and person who lost his life way too soon. Please consider donating to help support his wife and 3 month old baby he has left behind. No amount is too small. RIP friend. 🖤

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