James Kelso Died

James Kelso, a musician from Kansas City, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. This sad news has left many people deeply affected as they learned about his sudden and untimely death. Those who had the privilege of knowing him throughout his life will undoubtedly feel his absence and cherish the memories they shared.

Who Was James Kelso?

James Kelso held the role of a musician at Chanute High School, where he used his musical talents to inspire and guide numerous individuals. His impact on the lives of many was beyond words, as he served as both a friend and a mentor. Before retiring, he dedicated his career to Neosho High School, where he became a respected and well-known educator. His influence on his students was profound, and he left a lasting mark of professionalism.

Notably, he directed the Neosho High School band for a significant part of its history, contributing to its musical journey. The Neosho community extends their sympathies to his family and asks for everyone’s prayers to support those who cherished him.

James Kelso Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

As of now, the specific details regarding the passing of James Kelso have not been outlined in the information provided. Therefore, the exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. It is anticipated that the public will receive further updates in due course as additional information becomes accessible regarding this unfortunate event.

I was a high school junior in 1978 and a member of James Kelso’s first band at Neosho High. We bonded early. I worked for him on various construction jobs he took on outside of school, hung out at his house listening to jazz, and was his student assistant during my senior year. He helped me get a band scholarship at Tulsa U, his own alma mater, where I first studied art. I can’t thank him enough for recognizing who I was and encouraging me to fearlessly travel the path I chose. Years later, we always met as fellow travelers when our schedules allowed. Buster Kelso, you’ll be missed by many, but you’re never not with me.

– Wrote by James Kelso

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The obituary for James Kelso and the details of his funeral arrangements will be shared with the public at a later point in time. Understandably, his family members require a period of time to recover and come to terms with this difficult situation. When they believe that they are prepared, they will inform us about the plans for his funeral service. It’s important to respect their need for space and time during this healing process.

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