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It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Isaiah Beasley, a student at Liberty University. His untimely death has left his family, friends, and the university community in mourning. The loss of a young and promising individual like Isaiah is always difficult, and our thoughts and condolences are with his loved ones during this trying time.

Who was Isaiah Beasley?

Isaiah Beasley is a young man who was born in Decatur, Alabama. He completed his high school education at Master’s Hand Christian School and pursued higher studies in Global Studies at Liberty University. However, his aspirations did not end there. Isaiah had a strong desire to embark on a mission with God overseas. He is known for his ability to give good advice whenever asked, which indicates his wisdom and maturity beyond his years. Those who know him well describe him as an exceptional son and friend. He has a pleasant personality and a charming voice, which adds to his overall appeal. In summary, Isaiah Beasley is a young man with a bright future and a heart full of faith and purpose.

How did Isaiah Beasley die? What was his Cause of death?

The unfortunate news of the passing of Isaiah Beasley, a student at Liberty University. Isaiah was a well-known resident of Decatur, Alabama and his death was announced on Tuesday, the 4th of April 2023. At this time, the cause of his death is unknown. Isaiah was beloved by his friends for his funny and unique personality, and he was never afraid to show it. His infectious humor and willingness to always bring a smile to others’ faces made him a cherished friend to many. The loss of Isaiah has undoubtedly left a deep impact on his family, friends, and the Decatur community as a whole. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Beasley family and all those who knew and loved Isaiah during this difficult time.

Blake Monroe Wrote,

I struggle with words this morning as I think about this young man this morning. I am stunned and heartbroken for Scott, Rachel Hannah and Emma Beasley. I never have know anyone so full of love and kindness as Isaiah. He was a encourager and one who loved Jesus deeply and knew Him personally. He knew Gods word with a richness. He understood the gospel and shared that truth with those who were in bondage. If you didn’t have the opportunity to know him personally you really missed out. Rebecca and I loved him and we would joke with him that he was a nephew to us and he is in our hearts. I am so thankful that God placed us in his life and that he was placed in ours.

On a lighter note…you would never want to leave your phone unlocked around him. You would find your photos had been hijacked and it was always good for a laugh!

We love you Isaiah. Rest my brother. Enjoy the Savior.

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Isaiah Beasley: Gofundme

Lydia Russell has taken on the responsibility of organizing a fundraiser for her sister’s family, who are dealing with the tragic loss of their nephew, Isaiah. Not only are they trying to cope with the emotional toll of his passing, but they are also faced with the financial burden of transporting his body from overseas for a proper burial, which is estimated to cost around $10,000. To alleviate this burden, Lydia has set up a GoFundMe page to give family and friends an opportunity to contribute in any way they can. As of now, the fundraiser has already raised $18,700 USD, surpassing the initial goal. Lydia expresses her gratitude to all those who have contributed and reminds everyone that even a small donation can go a long way in easing the family’s financial strain. Additionally, she requests everyone to keep Isaiah’s family and loved ones in their prayers during this difficult time.

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Tributes to Isaiah Beasley

Katie Robertson Wrote,

Please pray for the Beasley family as their son, Isaiah, passed away unexpectedly on a missions trip to Germany. Isaiah was a warrior for Christ and one of the greatest testimonies I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. His family was in Maine briefly and left their Christ-like love and influence on many.

Isaiah Craver Wrote,

Not too long ago my dear friend told me He would say Hello to Jesus for me, and now I know he is, face to face. I texted him early this morning asking how he was. But I know how he is. He is joyful beyond compare. He is peaceful, beyond understanding. He is rejoicing, praising, roaming free with the One whom he loves. I’m Holding onto the hope that is in Christ. When that sky splits, and Christ descends, I’ll see you there, welcoming all of us home. Isaiah Beasley

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