Is Adji Desir Found

Adji Desir has been missing for 14 years, making him the unidentified Midland teenager. While extensive searches have been conducted and various leads have been explored, his whereabouts remain unknown.

Is Adji Desir Found or Not?

Over the weekend, a young man was found abandoned in the street near Ward Street and Shandon Avenue in Midland, Texas, and police say they need the public’s help locating his family. The young man, who is 13-17 years of age, is non verbal and unable to communicate what his name or address are; however locals in Midland believe he may be “Adji Desir” from Florida who went missing back in 2009 and has not been heard from since then. Both he and Desir share similar facial features and the non verbal trait. Even with no reports from anyone regarding this child, many people suspect it’s him due to his long absence over the past 14 years. Police are now asking for any information on the boy or his whereabouts before he appeared in Midland this past Saturday.

Picture of boy recently found

Is Adji Desir Found

Midland police are investigating whether a recently found boy is Adji Desir, missing since 2009. If you have any info that could help reunite him with family, call the police hotline at 432-685-7108. The longer he’s away from his family, the more urgent this becomes! Help bring peace of mind to his loved ones – please call if you have any information.

Update: Adji’s mother is aware and is in contact with the police. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

The left is the kiddo that’s been found in Midland… the right is a kiddo that went missing in Florida 14 years ago (Adji Desir)..both are nonverbal.. no one has reported someone missing in Midland that matches the child’s description.. my hypothesis is that it’s because he’s been missing for 14 years..

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Adji Desir Missing

Male African-American. Brown eyes and black hair. Ji Ji is Adji’s nickname. He is of Haitian background. Adji’s clothing, complete with a blue t-shirt with thin yellow stripes, blue shorts with pink flamingos along their sides, and two-tone blue sneakers provides both a heartbreaking and emotive reminder of his random disappearance over 10 years ago.

Is Adji Desir Found

Medical Conditions

His mental disability unfortunately renders him unable to ask for help and although he can understand Haitian Creole, he cannot speak it. His only form of verbal communication is the ability to answer yes or no questions. Given his condition at the time of his disappearance, it is understandable why he has been so difficult to locate–his very identity puts him at a distinct disadvantage and speaks to the courage that must be found within such vulnerable individuals who cannot defend themselves.

The disappearance of Adji Desir has been a heartbreaking mystery in Immokalee, Florida since January 10, 2009 when he was last seen at Farm Workers Village. His mother had left him there with his grandmother in the 800 block of Grace Street before she had to go to work that afternoon. He was playing with other children when he mysteriously disappeared around 5:15 p.m.

It had been a blissful day the one in which Adji disappeared- but it quickly turned to horror when his grandmother realized that half an hour had passed without her having seen him. Even after two hours of desperate searching, Adji was still missing and his grandmother was forced to call the police for help. As months of searching ensued, numerous areas were searched yet to no avail as there wasn’t so much as a clue as to where he could be. With Adji having lived with his mother and stepfather at the time of his disappearance, investigators looked into the possibility that he was taken to Haiti- home of some of his extended family members- but they found absolutely no evidence pointing towards that theory.

Adji’s family aren’t suspects in his disappearance; Grandma now lives with Mom and Stepdad, who welcomed a daughter they named after him. Police think he either wandered away or was abducted by someone not related to the family. Unfortunately, his case is still unsolved.

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