Iris Courtney Garner Died

Iris Courtney Garner, who lived in Coral Springs, Florida, sadly passed away on Sunday, September 3, 2023. Her grandparents, mother, and younger sister are grieving her loss deeply. She was cherished by many, and her absence is felt by more people than she could have imagined. This article will provide you with information about Iris Courtney, who she was, and the circumstances of her passing.

Who Was Iris Courtney Garner?

Iris, a 24-year-old woman who resided in Coral Springs, Florida, was on a journey to create a new and successful life for herself. She worked as a Restaurant Server at Lumber Axe Whiskey Bar & Grill and attended Cape Coral High School. Originally from Fort Myers, Florida, Iris was not only a wonderful friend but also someone who left a lasting impression. Her radiant smile and infectious laughter could light up any room, and being around her made you feel like you were on top of the world. Iris was indeed a special individual, youthful and beautiful, with a heart filled with kindness and compassion.

Iris Courtney Garner Died: What Was Her Cause of Death?

Tragically, a 24-year-old woman named Iris Courtney Garner has passed away due to what is reported as a domestic violence incident on Sunday, September 3, 2023. A heartfelt tribute to Iris was shared on Facebook by Cordelia Bryant, who expressed deep sorrow upon hearing the news of her passing.

Rest in peace sweet beautiful angel. I woke up to find out that you had passed and I am heartbroken. I can’t even imagine the pain your family is feeling. I met you in 6th grade in drama class. The first thing I remember about you is your angelic voice. Nobody could sing like you did. I always admired you. You had a music taste like no other. You stuck up for me in highschool when no one else would. I remember the time I burst into tears seeing a video of you being baptized at Cape Christian. To know after all the struggle, you had finally found God. You had the kindest heart & the purest energy. Not to mention the most beautiful and contagious smile. You loved with all of your heart. I am so grateful for the memories I have with you. You’ve made a lasting impact on my life. I will always remember you. How can I forget? Every time I look down at my arm, I’ll see our matching tattoo. I love you endlessly Iris James Courtney Garner & so many others do too. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you & your loved ones.

– Wrote by Cordelia Bryant

GoFundMe: Iris Courtney Garner

In an act of kindness and support, Kelci-Marie Holzhay, a resident of Cape Coral, Florida, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family of Iris Courtney Garner during their time of need. Kelci-Marie has shared that the funds collected through this campaign will be directed towards covering the expenses associated with Iris’s funeral. As of now, the GoFundMe page titled “Iris Courtney Garner” has managed to raise an impressive sum of $13,355 out of the $20,000 goal. Kelci-Marie emphasizes that every dollar contributed will be used to provide financial relief to Iris’s grieving family, alleviating the burden of funeral costs. She expresses gratitude to all who have taken the time to read and contribute, underlining that every contribution, regardless of its size, is valued and deeply appreciated.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

Iris Courtney Garner’s family has decided to share her obituary and information regarding her funeral arrangements at a later date. Currently, the family is in the process of healing and requires some time before they can gather the necessary details. They have expressed the need to take this time for themselves. When they feel ready and prepared, they will communicate the plans for Iris’s funeral to the community and those who wish to pay their respects.

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