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The sudden passing of Harry Reeder, Lead Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, has shocked and saddened many. Beyond his role as a pastor, Harry was a revered leader and mentor, leaving a significant mark in the ministry world. This article pays tribute to his remarkable life and legacy, honoring the profound impact he had on the lives of those he served. Moreover, it seeks to provide solace to those mourning his loss.

Who was Harry Reeder?

Harry Reeder, a widely recognized and esteemed pastor, dedicated over two decades of his life as the Senior Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church until his untimely passing. As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, Harry pursued extensive theological education, specializing in Church Revitalization at Reformed Theological Seminary, Pastoral Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, Theology at Covenant College, and History at East Carolina University.

Throughout his journey, Harry’s deep love for God and unwavering enthusiasm for ministry radiated from his very being. His exceptional ability to communicate the Gospel in a relatable manner touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving an indelible impact that spanned across the globe.

Harry Reeder

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Harry eventually settled in Birmingham, Alabama, where he resided until his passing. He found great joy in his cherished marriage, often referring to his wife as a precious gift bestowed upon him by God. Prior to joining Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Harry served as the Senior Pastor at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church. His abiding affection for the church and his unwavering dedication to its growth and revitalization were evident in every facet of his ministry.

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Harry Reeder died: What was his Cause of death?

The unexpected demise of Harry has sparked curiosity and concern regarding the circumstances surrounding his death. A social media post shared by Briarwood Presbyterian Church has confirmed that his passing was a result of a tragic accident. While the specific details of the accident have not been made public, the church has made a heartfelt plea for privacy, urging individuals to respect the grieving family’s need for space during this challenging period. The news of Harry’s untimely departure has evoked an overwhelming wave of sorrow among his congregation, fellow pastors, and Christians worldwide, attesting to the profound impact he had on the lives of those he touched.

In this photo taken in February, Dr. Harry Reeder finds himself inadvertently but fittingly positioned at the center of a group of men who regarded him as their pastor, father, mentor, and friend. His role as a discipler of men was undeniable and deeply impactful.

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Tributes to Harry Reeder

Richard D. Phillips Wrote,

“Hello, Bishop.” “Hello, General.” Practically every time I had the privilege to greet Harry Reeder, these jovial words were exchanged. We are all shocked by Harry’s death yesterday, but grateful to upheld by the hands of a mighty and loving God. Harry was, most importantly, a godly man who knew and trusted the Lord. He was also a great man, who made a huge and blessed impact on this world and the church of our Lord. He stands out to me as the rare combination of a strong, masculine leader who was also so kind, loving, and fun. Harry humbled himself before even malicious criticisms and did not despise those who opposed him. Thinking about his sudden death, I am mainly grateful to have been his friend and thankful to know that yesterday Jesus came and took His beloved servant to Himself. May the Lord uphold Cindy and all of their family and make a special provision of His Spirit for the saints of Briarwood. Goodbye, General, we will all miss you so much.

Masomphenya Wrote

One man that has been an inspiration to me: Dr. Harry Reeder!! What a loss!! but we’re not weeping as those without hope- the heavenly glory awaits all those who put their trust in Christ🙏🏼

Craig Pitman Wrote,

I don’t remember the source for it was very long ago, but I recall someone commenting that in looking at history, when God, in His providence removes prominent, faithful Christian leaders and their influence from the world, it is an indication of Divine judgment upon a culture.

RIP Harry Reeder

Tim Keller is now in hospice care.

As George Grant often says, “Lord, have mercy; Church, have courage.”

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