Haritha Kahf

The Southern California Muslim community, along with the CAIR-LA team, is currently grappling with profound sadness following the tragic passing of Haritha Kahf in a devastating car accident. This unfortunate incident has left a void that deeply impacts those who knew and cherished Haritha, prompting a collective sense of mourning and reflection within the community.

Who Was Haritha Kahf?

Born in 2001, Haritha Kahf was 22 when he left us. At this young age, he was busy studying at a university in Montana after spending time serving in the Marines. He really liked the cold weather. Besides his studies, he was also quite the go-getter, involved in buying and selling homes when he had some free moments. People close to him described him as someone who seemed almost from another world, very kind-hearted, and always taking action. You could spot him easily from far away because of his red hair.

In his early years, Haritha Kahf had a strong drive to make the world a better place for everyone. This determination was a big part of who he was. No matter how tough things got, he never stopped wanting to help others. Even though he came from a simple background, he spent countless hours learning new things because he understood that by improving himself, he could contribute more to the well-being of others. He was very dedicated to his work because he chose a job that aligned with his own beliefs.

Haritha Kahf Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Haritha Kahf, who had attended Orange Crescent School, has left us in great sorrow. He passed away when he was 22 years old on August 4, 2023, due to a tragic car accident, which has left his dear family and friends deeply surprised and saddened. The exact reasons behind the accident are currently unknown. We only have a limited understanding of the situation at the moment, but we promise to keep you informed as we gather more details about the circumstances leading to his passing.

Dr. Mahmoud AI-Tayeh Posted,

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Prayer and Burial Ceremony

The Janaza Prayer and burial ceremony for Haritha Kahf will be held on Monday, August 7th, at Crescent Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah. The address is 11105 S. State St., Sandy, UT 84070. The ceremony will commence at 3:30 p.m.

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