Devin Danford Died

Devin Danford, known for his work as a hair designer and stylist at 1of1Fadez, sadly passed away on August 27, 2023. His unexpected passing deeply affected numerous people as they learned about this sudden loss. In the following paragraphs, you’ll discover more about Devin Danford, his identity, and the circumstances surrounding his untimely departure.

Who Was Devin Danford?

Devin Danford was a skilled hair designer and stylist who worked at 1of1Fadez. He had a wonderful and cheerful personality, always carrying happiness with him. He took great pride in his barbering skills, which he was truly gifted at. He went to Midwestern State University and successfully graduated from there. His high school education was completed at Fossil Ridge. While he was originally from Lubbock, Texas, he later lived in Fort Worth, Texas. One thing that people always remembered about him was his big, friendly smile, which could brighten anyone’s day. His laughter was infectious, and he was known for his caring and kind-hearted nature. He had a special ability to bring people closer together, creating connections and spreading warmth wherever he went.

Devin Danford Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Devin Danford passed away suddenly on Sunday. Currently, the exact reason for his passing is not known. According to current reports, it seems that Devin Danford was involved in a tragic accident that led to his death. However, these details have not been fully confirmed yet. We will make sure to provide more updates as soon as we have more information. On their Facebook post, Nikai Hinojosa shared their feelings, saying:

“As the shock wears off and reality sinks in, I can’t help but feel completely heartbroken. I’m in disbelief that you’re gone. Devin A. Danford, you were taken from us too soon. You were the cousin we could always count on to be wildly entertaining and carefree. It feels like we were just running around as kids, making the best of what we had. Your heart was so big and you always made me feel loved. Your infectious spirit will forever be missed. Rest easy cousin.”

– Wrote by Nikai Hinojosa


Cristal Moreno is leading an effort to help a grieving family by setting up a special fund called GoFundMe. The purpose of this fund is to offer them money during this difficult time. The goal is to ease some of the challenges they are currently facing. This will help them focus on getting better and remembering all the wonderful moments they had with their dear son.

The money collected from this fundraising campaign will be used to pay for the funeral costs, offer support to the family in their emotional journey, and create a fitting way to remember Devin’s life. We know that times are hard for many people, and any amount you can give, no matter if it’s a lot or a little, will make a big difference. Your kind donations, words of support, and sharing of this campaign will not only provide financial help but also show that we are all in this together, even in sad times. So far, they’ve gotten $1,950 out of their goal of $15,000.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The family of Marie Senechal will be sharing an obituary and details about the upcoming funeral arrangements. Right now, they’re taking some time to cope with their feelings and start the healing process. Once they feel ready, they will provide updates about when and how the funeral will take place, as well as more information in the obituary.

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