Devin Broughton Died

With heavy hearts, The Backyard community mourns the untimely departure of one of its cherished members, Devin Broughton. Tragically, we received the devastating news of his passing on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. In this article, we honor Devin’s memory by delving into his life, discovering who he was, and seeking to understand the circumstances surrounding his unexpected death.

Who was Devin Broughton?

Devin Broughton was a Physical Therapist Assistant who resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida until his passing. He attended St. Thomas University and achieved an Associate’s degree in Biology, General. As a member of The Backyard community, Devin was known for his incredible charisma and lovable personality. He always had a warm smile on his face, a positive outlook on life, and an infectious enthusiasm that uplifted everyone around him. Devin had a special talent for making others feel appreciated and welcomed, whether at work or during online interactions. His sudden departure has left the entire Backyard family grieving deeply for the loss of our dear brother.

Devin Broughton
– Photo Posted by Frankie Peli

Devin Broughton Died: What was His Cause of Death?

Devin Broughton’s passing came as a shock to everyone. He passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind his family, friends, and loved ones, who will deeply miss him. At this moment, the exact details surrounding his death remain unconfirmed. The public is kindly requested to keep Devin’s grieving family in their hearts and prayers during this difficult time. This sad news was shared on Frankie Peli‘s Facebook account, spreading the message of loss and sorrow within the community.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

At present, the obituary and details about the funeral arrangements for Devin Broughton have not been released. The community will be informed about these matters at a later date, allowing everyone to come together to pay their respects and honor his memory appropriately. Until then, we hold Devin in our thoughts and hearts, cherishing the moments we shared with him and supporting one another during this difficult time of loss.

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