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The sudden news of the death of David Gold, joint-chairman and majority shareholder at West Ham United Football Club, has undoubtedly rocked English Premier League fans around the globe. He died at the age of 86. An icon amongst East London supporters, many are left wondering: how did David Gold die? It is a shocking reminder that life can be cut short without warning, and so many unanswered questions haunt us in times such as these.

Keep reading to learn more about David Gold, including who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for David Gold, and much more!

Who was David Gold?

He was born in Stepney, East London, where he grew up near West Ham’s Boleyn Ground at 442 Green Street.

David Gold was an iconic figure in British soccer, praised for his rise from working-class Londoner to successful businessman. As the head of Birmingham City Football Club until 2009 and subsequent joint chairman of West Ham United up until his passing in 2023, Gold made a lasting impression on fans and followers everywhere. Gold’s successes not only within the industry, but with his own life story,  inspired many.

David Gold die

What’s more interesting is that his father Godfrey (who throughout East London became known as “Goldy”) ended up denying David’s chance of becoming a professional footballer with West Ham due to having to sign documents as an apprentice, something Godfrey wasn’t keen on doing. Although David’s mother was a Christian and Godfrey was Jewish, those two things didn’t stop him from chasing his dreams and achieving things beyond anyone’s expectations.

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How did David Gold die?

West Ham’s joint chairman, David Gold, died at the age of 86. David Gold was more than just a joint chairman of West Ham. Having started in the club’s youth program when he was 13, Gold had grown up with West Ham in his hometown of Stepney. He stayed loyal to the team for over 70 years, joining its board of directors as a co-chairman in 2010.

His fellow co-chairman David Sullivan expressed his sadness on the team’s website, noting that the day they acquired control of West Ham United over ten years ago was “the most satisfying” of their shared ventures. Dave Gold’s loyalty and love for the team will never be forgotten and he will forever remain part of our club’s history.

David Gold cause of death

On Wednesday morning, he died after a short illness. The news of David Gold’s passing came as a shock and deep sadness filled the hearts of all associated with West Ham United. Gold had a special affinity for the club he supported throughout his life and his surprising death alongside his fiancee Lesley, and daughters Jacqueline and Vanessa was sadly received. Before taking over as joint-chairman of West Ham in 2010, Gold had already enjoyed a successful career in business.

What made his appointment to such an esteemed role more special was that he had even played for the boys’ team from the age of 13 to 16. His and Sullivan’s venture into West Ham was described by Gold himself as “the day we took ownership of West Ham United, our club,” which was clearly something special and close to their hearts. Everyone connected with the club will miss him dearly, as he wanted only what was best for West Ham United.

Tributes poured in for David Gold

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