Darren Livecchi Died

Darren Livecchi, who worked for the Town of Oyster Bay Sanitation, sadly passed away on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. In this article, we’ll share some information about Darren, who he was, and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death.

Who Was Darren Livecchi?

Darren Livecchi was a highly respected and admired member of the Town of Oyster Bay Sanitation Department, renowned for his unwavering dedication, genuine compassion, and tireless work ethic. He stood out as a prominent figure in the department due to his consistent commitment to his responsibilities and his unwavering desire to serve the local community’s residents. Darren embodied the qualities of an exceptional individual, emanating a warm and comforting sense of kindness that deeply touched the lives of many. His presence served as a wellspring of inspiration for everyone fortunate enough to have had the privilege of knowing him.

Darren’s legacy will undoubtedly endure as a testament to the positive impact one person can have on the world through their kindness and unwavering commitment to others.

Darren Livecchi Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Darren Livecchi’s untimely passing has deeply saddened those who knew him. At just 24 years old, he tragically suffered a cardiac arrest while working at the Town of Oyster Bay Sanitation. For those who were fortunate enough to be acquainted with him, Darren was renowned for his gentle and caring nature. He played many roles in his life, including that of a devoted son, a loving brother, and a cherished grandson. Supervisor Joseph Saladino expressed his condolences and confirmed Darren’s passing in a Facebook post.


Meghan Stoll, a Massapequa resident, has set up a GoFundMe page called “Darren Jr. LiVecchi” to provide support for Darren Livecchi’s family during this difficult time. Meghan’s intention is to raise funds to assist with the costs associated with Darren’s funeral. So far, the page has garnered $1,850 USD in donations, with a goal of reaching $20,000 USD to help ease the financial burden on the family.

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The Massapequa Funeral Home Inc. is located at 4980 Merrick Road in Massapequa Park, right next to the Southgate parking lot. There are two designated times for visitation on Sunday: one from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and another from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This allows friends and family to pay their respects and offer condolences to the grieving family.

The funeral mass for the deceased, known simply as Mass, will be held at St. Rose of Lima, which is situated at 2 Bayview Ave. in Massapequa. This solemn ceremony is scheduled for Monday at 10:00 a.m., where attendees can gather to commemorate and remember the life of the departed individual. It is time to come together as a community and offer support to one another during this difficult period.

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