Dan Garrett Died

We are saddened to report that the renowned magician Dan Garrett, hailing from Georgia, has unexpectedly passed away. As an esteemed and globally recognized magician with numerous awards to his name, his departure has left his fans in shock and grief. With his cherished presence in the magical world, Dan had endeared himself to many.

In this article, we will delve into his life, uncovering details about his illustrious career, and shed light on the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

Who was Dan Garrett?

Dan Garrett, a lifelong resident of Georgia, USA, had a deep passion for magic since he was just ten years old. It all began when he stumbled upon a magic book section in his local library, sparking his fascination with the world of illusions. Alongside his love for magic, Dan was an enthusiastic reader, particularly fond of science fiction stories. As he grew older, his dedication to magic flourished, leading him to write several books on the subject and become a renowned lecturer, captivating audiences across the globe. He also earned the title of one of the magical Burger Kings and produced various magic videos.

Not only that, Dan actively served as a board member of F.F.F.F. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, he attended the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, thanks in part to the Hugh Moss Comer Scholarship earned through his involvement in the 4-H Club. In a heartwarming twist, Dan found his lifelong partner, Carol, and they tied the knot shortly after their graduation on April 1st. His life was one filled with magic and meaningful connections with others.

Dan Garrett Died: What was His Cause of Death?

The world of magic is mourning the loss of a remarkable individual, a true gentleman, and a master of his craft. Dan Garrett’s presence was truly captivating, with his charm, warm smile, and positive attitude brightening up every room he entered. As of now, the cause of his passing remains undisclosed, leaving us with very limited information. However, we assure you that we will keep you informed as more details come to light. Rest assured, we are committed to updating this article promptly as soon as any additional information about Dan Garrett’s cause of death becomes available. His legacy in the magical community will undoubtedly be remembered and cherished for years to come.

The Society of American Magicians Posted,

Dan Garrett’s Magical Career

Dan Garrett’s magical career has spanned more than thirty years, leaving a lasting impact on the global magic community. He is not just a performer but also an inventor, author, and lecturer, earning recognition as a true expert in the field of magic. Dan’s teachings and creations have directly influenced well-known magicians like Jeff Justice, Rudy Coby, Jerry Camaro, Guy Hollingworth, and even the superstar David Copperfield. With performances and lectures in over 12 countries, instructional videos in English and French, and numerous publications in six languages, his influence has reached countless magicians around the world, some of whom he may not even know about. Dan Garrett’s name can be found on thousands of magic-related websites, making him widely recognized and respected in the magic community.

Dan Garrett
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Notably, he made a significant appearance on CNN Headline News in August 2002, captivating millions of viewers with his performance and interview. In 2010, he showcased his mesmerizing skills on WXIA-TV’s 11-Alive Morning News, promoting the 2010 Society of American Magicians national convention and wowing audiences with his astounding feats of prestidigitation.

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Tributes to Dan Garrett

Ken Scott Wisenbaker Posted,

Long time magic friend Dan Garrett passed away. Dan was the first magician to sell me some magic tricks when I was 8 years old when he worked at M&M Magic in forrest park. He will be missed dearly. Please keep his wife Carol Garrett in your thoughts and prayers.

Todd R. Reis Posted,

Sad to learn of the passing of Dan Garrett. His was one of the very first magic lectures I ever saw was his when I was living in Denver circa 1987. I met him a few times since at events in Atlanta, Orlando, & Palo Alto. More importantly, he introduced me to the Endless Bananas routine.

Paul Richards Wrote,

So sorry to hear of the passing of Dan Garrett. Dan was one of those rare magicians who was knowledgeable and skilled in vast spectrum of magic. Equally skilled wowing audiences across a closeup table as he was entertaining a group of children. He could make safety pins do the impossible and convince you that a little toy mouse had come to life. He was kind, giving, and always ready to help a fellow traveler down magic’s path. As I pack up to head out to Magic Live, my thoughts turn to how much I value and enjoy seeing so many familiar faces and friends out on the road. It makes me deeply sad that Dan won’t be among them anymore. Rest in peace, my friend.

By Andrew

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