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A recent incident in Midrand has stirred up significant attention after a student was expelled from a school for wearing dreadlocks. The school at the center of this controversy, Crowthorne Christian Academy, has now been shut down indefinitely due to the uproar caused by the incident. Located in Midrand, this academy has caught the public’s eye, with a video capturing the situation going viral on social media and sparking intense discussions.

Crowthorne Christian Academy Video: The Incident and Video

The video footage from Crowthorne Christian Academy displays members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protesting outside the school premises while being monitored by the police. The reason for their protest was the removal of a female student from the school solely because she had chosen to wear dreadlocks. Reports suggest that the school had a strict policy against dreadlocks and deemed them inappropriate according to their guidelines.

Consequently, the young girl was forcibly expelled from the school due to her choice of hairstyle. This incident, coupled with the ongoing debate about the school’s hair policy, eventually led to the unexpected closure of Crowthorne Christian Academy. The school administration communicated to parents that the institution would remain closed indefinitely.

Video Source: Newzroom Afrika

Registration and Government Involvement

New developments have emerged, shedding light on Crowthorne Christian Academy’s registration status. It has come to light that the school was not officially registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE). Steve Mabona, the spokesperson for GDE, disclosed that the student in question was a 13-year-old girl. She has been provided with an alternative schooling arrangement along with counseling, while GDE is assisting the school in aligning with regulations. Furthermore, the department is encouraging all unregistered educational institutions to initiate contact for guidance regarding the registration process.

Public Reaction and Policy

Amidst the growing controversy, the school’s response to the situation has been shared on social media. The school’s code of conduct stipulates that students’ hair should be clean and well-kept. Only natural hairstyles and plain haircuts are permitted, while elaborate styles, shaves, and extensions are prohibited.

The incident has sparked significant public discourse, with many expressing their concerns and disappointment over the school’s handling of the situation. The EFF, a political organization, has taken a strong stance against what they perceive as an unjust policy. Phillip Daniel, the provincial deputy chairperson of the EFF’s Gauteng chapter, emphasized their commitment to combating discriminatory policies, particularly those that exhibit racial bias. The EFF’s involvement further heightened the attention and intensity surrounding the situation.

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The controversy surrounding a student’s expulsion from Crowthorne Christian Academy due to wearing dreadlocks has led to the school’s indefinite closure. The incident, captured in a viral video, prompted protests and discussions about the school’s hair policy and its alignment with principles of fairness and inclusivity. The involvement of the Gauteng Department of Education and the EFF added layers of complexity to the situation, highlighting broader issues related to education policies, individual expression, and social justice.

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