Country Boy Eddie

Country Boy Eddie was an iconic star, renowned for his singing, fiddling, and guitar playing. At the age of 92, he passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family. He was the dearly beloved host of The Country Boy Eddie Show on WBRC FOX6 News for almost 4 decades. His rare talent enthralled generations as he graced our screens from 1957 to 1993; we’ll miss him dearly. May his memory live on in country music and amongst us all!

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Who was Country Boy Eddie?

Country Boy Eddie was a true symbol of Alabama country music and a real treasure for WBRC. At the age of 13, young Gordon Edwards Burns sold Garden Spot Seeds before he could buy his first fiddle and become known as “Country Boy Eddie.” In 1957, he launched his very own show on WBRC, and after 38 years on the airwaves, he became a household name in Alabama. His show featured some of today’s biggest stars before they were famous, as well as his own Nashville music show. Truly, Country Boy Eddie left a legacy with his lasting influence on Alabama country music.

Country Boy Eddie die

Burns had aspirations of becoming a radio star since he was a young boy after being inspired by Uncle Curley Fox on the Grand Ole Opry. After learning how to play the fiddle in 1946, he joined Happy Hal Burns’s band and started performing on the Crossroads Variety Show on WBRC-AM in Birmingham.

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How did Country Boy Eddie die?

The music world was shocked and saddened by the news of Gordon Edwards Burns’ passing. Better known to his fans as Country Boy Eddie, the country singer, guitarist, and fiddler won over legions of fans with his down-home entertainment style during his time presiding over WBRC’s venerable Country Boy Eddie Show from 1957 to 1993. His influence spread far and wide throughout the musical genre, paving the way for generations yet to come. His legacy is one of hard work, talent, and a whole lot of heart that will live on forever through his music. Music lovers across the globe can be thankful for having shared in those memorable times long past when Country Boy Eddie graced our airwaves with thoughtful songs. He will be greatly missed by all.

This news was confirmed by Mike Dubberly GDA on Twitter saying,

Country Boy Eddie Cause of death

Country Boy Eddy, a beloved resident of Warrior and lively personality in the community, passed away this morning at his home. Though the exact cause of death has yet to be released, Eddy’s family member believes it was due to natural causes related to his advanced age. He had been living in Warrior for decades and was an active presence in the community up until his passing. His loss will surely be felt by those who knew him; from friends and family who shared special memories to those who admired and appreciated his presence, Country Boy Eddie will always be remembered with love.

Country Boy Eddie

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Obituary and funeral

Gordon Edwards Burns’ family has announced that his obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared at a future date. It is a time of tremendous sorrow for the family, who are now left to mourn the loss of their beloved partner or friend. Our thoughts go out to Gordon Edwards Burns’ family as they start to come to terms with their tragic loss.

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