Cory Podolski Died

Cory Podolski, a co-owner and vice president at Nine2zero Designs RC, has passed away. This sad news has deeply saddened the racing community, as they remember him as both a dear friend and a cherished racer.

Who Was Cory Podolski?

Cory Podolski, a resident of Appleton, Wisconsin, was a beloved figure in both his professional and racing communities. He worked at FASTSIGNS and also served as a former Co-Owner and Vice President at Nine2zero Designs RC. Cory was not just an excellent friend but also a fierce competitor on the racetrack. Despite his competitive spirit in racing, he was one of the warmest and most approachable individuals you could meet. Cory was deeply involved in the world of dirt track racing and car design. He generously shared his knowledge, teaching friends how to create stylish car wraps and even design and build their own race cars. Cpod was like a cheerful teddy bear, always available to talk and support his friends whenever they needed him. His presence brightened the lives of those around him.

Cory Podolski Died: What Was His Cause of Death?

Cory Podolski, affectionately known as Cpod in the dirt track racing and car design communities, peacefully passed away in his sleep. At this moment, the precise cause of his passing remains undisclosed, and further details regarding his cause of death will be shared as they become available. Winter Christensen shared a heartfelt tribute on their Facebook post, expressing the profound sense of loss felt by those who knew Cory.

The deepest pit in my stomach leaving the track today knowing that this weekend was the last I would see you. You brought so many smiles and joy to people’s lives! I’m so glad you could get on that box one more time man! My heart really hurts on this one. Fly high and never stop racing buddy! RIP CPOD❤️ I’m so glad I was one of the lucky ones to get to know you and have you around for the laughs and good times. You will always be my tripod 😂I will miss you❤️Cory Podolski

– Wrote by Winter Christensen

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Obituary And Funeral Arrangements

The obituary for Cory Podolski and information regarding his funeral arrangements will be released by his family at a later date. Currently, the family is in the process of healing, and they require some time before they are ready to share this information. When they feel prepared, they will inform us about the details of his funeral.

Tributes to Cory Podolski

Tyson Marquardt Wrote, 

You will be forever missed by so many people CPOD. This was the last thing anyone expected waking up to this morning. I will forever cherish being with you last night. I love you buddy❤️Rest Easy Cory Podolski

Leland Thyes 94 Wrote,

Fly high buddy you are going to be greatly greatly missed. You were always a good time and a great guy to talk to. I didn’t make it over by you to congratulate you on your first pro spec truck podium but we can have a drink together when we meet again. I know you will still be at every race track with all of us!

Please keep Cory Podolski and his family in your prayers.

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