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Cory Behr, an auctioneer for the Behr Auction Company in Riceville, Iowa, passed away unexpectedly on March 16th, 2023, in Rockwell, Iowa. According to sources, his death was a result of a tragic accident involving a woodchipper. This news has undoubtedly saddened his loved ones, colleagues, and those who knew him. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

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Who was Cory Behr?

Cory Behr was a native of Riceville, Iowa, born on December 8th, 1970. He was a graduate of Riceville High School, where he excelled in his studies. After high school, Cory attended the University of Northern Iowa, where he obtained his degree in marketing and business administration in 1993. Cory’s love for his hometown brought him back to Riceville, where he began working for his family’s business, the Behr Auction Company. He quickly became an expert in the auctioneering industry, and his knowledge of real estate auctions, livestock auctions, and farm equipment auctions was highly sought after in Iowa and the Midwestern United States.

He was a dedicated family man and a respected member of the Riceville community. Cory’s passing on March 16th, 2023, was a great loss for his family, friends, and colleagues, who will remember him for his warmth, kindness, and expertise.

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Cory Behr Accident: What was his Cause of death?

Cory Behr was an experienced auctioneer, known for his expertise in the auctioneering industry, and he worked for the Behr Auction Company in Riceville, Iowa. Sadly, the auction scheduled for March 22nd had to be postponed until April 13th, following Cory’s unexpected passing on March 16th, 2023. The news of his death came as a shock to his colleagues and clients, leaving many devastated and searching for answers regarding the cause of his passing. Although the medical examiner’s office has yet to release an official statement regarding the cause of death, it is known that Cory did not survive whatever tragedy befell him that fateful night.

This has undoubtedly been a difficult time for those who knew Cory, and his presence in the auction industry will be sorely missed. Our thoughts go out to Cory’s family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time.

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Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Cory Behr will release his obituary and funeral arrangement at a later date. This news has been met with sympathy and support from Cory’s loved ones, colleagues, and those who knew him. As his family and friends grieve his loss, they request privacy during this difficult time. We send our condolences to the Behr family and loved ones as they navigate this challenging period.

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